Grandson's s** slave

I'm 75 years old and for the last 20 years I have been my grandson's s** toy.

Tom is 35 now, and has a c*** like a horse. And my God can he last. He lives with me so we f*** all the time.

He seduced me a week after his grandfather died. I tried to resist but after five minutes I started c****** like crazy. And gave in letting him c** in me.

My husband never f***** like Tom and his c*** was small. And he was a 2 minute man

Tom to this day lasts 45 minutes at a time. And he's 9 inches long.

I never had swallowed my Husband's c**, but for Tom I do it willingly. He trained me to need and want it.

At 75, I'm still have a good figure, but a far from perfect.

Tom gets hard just looking at me, and forbids me from wearing clothes when he is home. So he can play with me when he wants. Which is alot.

Last night at the movies he reached under my dress and masturbated me for 20 minutes. Then forced me down on his c***.

I love when he forces me in public to give him head. We knew others were watching but he made me finish swallowing his c**.

He is a perfect lover, and knows how to dominant a woman and make her love being his slave.

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  • My Granny, also let me have s** with her. But it was also on Friday night and it was all night.

    I was 16, and she knew I could have s** multiple time in a night.

    The other day of the week Granny would give me a b******* before school. She knew I would be thinking about her mouth on my c*** rather than the girls in school.

    She was right. We did this for 30 years until she died at 90.

    The night before she died we had s** 3 times. It was as always fantastic.

    I miss her so much.

  • Take all his c*** and c** I love f****** older women hard wifes mother was the first 70 year old great figure for her age t*** and ass loved c****** inside her then going home to her daughter and f****** her hard too.
    Would love to make it 3 generations by f****** my mature step daughter 40 good and hard too.

  • That is fantastic I'm married with children but have been f****** a woman now 72 for a year.

    The s** is the best ever and we do everything and I mean everything!

    Please tell more?

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