My friend want to f*** my dad

So my friend is 11 and my dad is 39 she been lately wearing no bras, boots shorts, crop tops, and ect. She tells me that she dreams that his big c*** goes inside her thrusting hard and many more what do I do?

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  • Don't waste the chance. Get your Dad to f*** her. He will be so grateful. That might give you the opportunity to s*** off your Dead. How fun that would be. Then maybe he could f*** both of you together. Have you ever thought about s****** your young friend's p****? There is so much fun stuff to explore. Don't let shyness or fear hold you back. Think of how big and juicy y our daddy's d*** is.

  • Tell dad she wants to f*** if he is sensible he will f*** you both, nothing beats young p****

  • Go f*** her dad first

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