F***** ex while she was on the phone with her husband

I had an ex come visit from out of state. She is 5'1" blonde, 115lbs but with DDD's and is stunning gorgeous and way out of my league. We're 30 now but we were hs sweethearts. I pocket dialed her while f****** another girl. I was young. I always hated that I did that to her. We kept in touch through the years. She got married to a guy that was way better looking than me, had a kid, moved to NY and always posts about how much she loves her husband. I never even tried to do anything with her like talk dirty or anything. But her family was here. So a few weeks ago, she flew down to visit them. I was at work and didn't even know she was in town. She messaged me on Instagram and asked if I wanted to grab lunch. I said I would have to ask my wife and she said "why? It's just lunch and she'll say no. Just come see me for 30 minutes" So I gave in. Didn't tell my wife. I show up and she looks so beautiful. Her t*** were bigger and she was just gorgeous in a little sun dress. After a little while we got to talking about our s** lives and I talked about how mine was dead, she gave pointers like hers was amazing. Before I knew it I had to head back to work. She gave me a long hug and a kiss on the cheek and we went our separate ways. About 30 minutes before I had to leave work she messages me asking if I wanted to get drinks. I told her there was no way my wife would let me. But she came up with an excuse that the CEO was in town and wanted to get us drinks. So I went with it and it worked. Soon I was sitting in an Irish pub having drinks with the one I let slip through my fingers. After talking for about 30 minutes she drags me out to dance to the live music. It was a weird Irish tempo but we were having fun. Her husband kept texting her but I didn't ask what he was bothering her about. We went to the bar and took shots. She had me take 5 more than her so I was pretty drunk. She started getting handsy with me. Touching my chest, squeezing my arms. Then she turned around and backed into me, putting one arm around the back of my neck forcing me to look down at her. I stood there for what could have been an eternity. Staring into her beautiful blue eyes. She spun around got onto her the tip of her toes and kissed me. One of those deep passionate kisses you see in movies. I couldn't believe it. After she pulled away and said "I miss doing that. My husband is short" She took another shot and then got close to me and put a hand on my crotch and said "I miss this too" I couldn't believe it. After 10 years she wanted to f***. She told me she had gotten a room because she didn't want to stay with her parents but they were watching her kid. So she asked if I wanted to go there with her. I said yes way too quickly. She got us an Uber and we left. We kissed the whole way there. I rubbed her p**** through her panties. When we got to the hotel we rushed up to her room, and as soon as we were through the door she was naked and I was pushing my c*** inside her wet p****. But I had to go slow. She was so tight that every inch I went deeper she made a sound like she was getting into freezing water slowly. After I got my thick 8 1/2 inch inside she had me pounding her. Her huge t*** compared to her tiny frame bouncing could have made me c** just by watching them. I could feel my c*** hitting her cervix. She said it hurt but it was also the best thing she's ever felt. After a few minutes and two o****** for her, her phone started ringing. She said "oh f*** it's my husband! I forgot to call!" It was after 11pm. She said "I have to answer or he'll freak out!" She grabbed her phone, took a deep breath and answered. "Hello?" Acting like she was already asleep. She then looked down to see that the tip of my c*** was still inside her. She bit her lip and put her feet behind my lower back and pulled me deeper inside her while her husband had raised his voice about how she should have called. Her mouth opened and her head tilted back as I bottomed out inside her. She said "I'm sorry babe I am just really tired" while I began thrusting in and out pausing when I was at the deepest and when I was all the way out. Her chest turned red and she bit her lip about to c** again. Just as she was about to she had to talk again. "I love you too" just as she said it she orgasmed. Her voice slightly breaking. I gave her a break to let her finish the conversation. After she got off the phone she jumped on me. Telling me it was the hottest thing she's ever done. We f***** for over an hour. After I finished we talked for a while and I fell asleep. When I woke up she was gone. She had messaged me saying water was in the mini fridge and she left me some tylenol on the nightstand. She only left to pick up her kid. I wish I had said goodbye. She tells me we will be doing that every time she visits. But that's only a few times a year. Is it weird that I think I still love her?


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  • I meet my ex husband to several times a year. For the last 6 years.

    We f*** like crazy. I even swallow his c** now. I never did that before with anyone, even my current husband.

    It now seem natural with my ex.

    He has also got me pregnant twice. But he doesn't know. My husband thinks the kids are his.

  • I honestly believe that there is nothing sexier IN THE WORLD than conceiving, carrying and having one man's baby while married to another. It's having an illegitimate that the law presumes to be legit and that everybody thinks is legit. But what you did is TWICE that sexy. DAMN! You may very well be the sexiest woman alive, or even the sexiest who has EVER lived! You are a HERO! You GO, girl! I wish I had the nerve to do that to my husband!

    But while we're at it, could you please tell us a little about this extracurricular relationship? Does your ex really have no idea that he's the baby daddy? Do either of the b****** kids look like him? Does he see them with any frequency or does he live out of town? Is he trustworthy enough that you could share this DELICIOUS secret with him? Have you told this to any of your girlfriends or sisters, or you the only one who knows? Do you have any other kids with your husband, or are the bastards the only children you have? Two final observations from me: (1) I hope the kids you had with your ex while married to your current husband are the ONLY children you have; and (2) I guess you can tell, but I just LOVE the word "b******", when it's used literally, because it implies a level of sensuality that most of us can only aspire to, and because simultaneously speaks of adultery, WHICH I TOTALLY LOVE!!!!!

  • If shes 5'1, 119 lbs, and has DDD t***, then she not only looks like an idiot, she is an idiot for getting fake t*** that big. I'm 5'2, 120 lbs and I have all me C size. They are so big on my frame that people think I'm at least a D if not a DD. So if she has DDD, shes probably about to fall over on her face.

  • They're real. They got huge when she had a kid.

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