S** for rent

I own a junkyard that my dad started. He decided to do something else so left me to run it. This older woman worked for him and now me. She takes care of customers when they come in and she's really nice. Although she does have a drug problem she still shows up for work every day.

About six months ago she told me was going to quit because she was losing her house and needed to move in with a friend. She was just about to walk out when I had an idea. I told her if she wanted to rent a trailer I had on the junkyard property she could stay and continue working. She accepted and moved in. She paid the first month rent without problem but missed the next month and then the next month. I asked her what the problem was but I already knew. She begged me not to kick her out, but I told her I couldn't let her live there for free. We were trying to figure out a solution when she said she had an idea. She asked me not to be offended when she said what her idea was, so I promised. That's when she offered to have s** with me once a week in exchange for rent. I first told her I wasn't interested because she's 40ish and I'm 25, but the more I thought about it I realized that she really isn't that bad looking for her age. Shes slim and has big fake D size t*** that obviously still stand up. I finally agreed and for the last 4 months every Friday after work she comes home with me so we can have s**. I must admit that although shes older than me she can out perform me in bed. She f**** like a wild animal, sucking my d*** and b****, then riding me like I'm a bull.

Last week she told me her daughter was moving out of her dad's house and needed a place to stay. She asked if she could come stay with her. I told her I didn't have a problem with it but we would have to work out a new agreement. I was thinking maybe s** twice a week until I met her daughter. For some reason I was thinking her daughter was a young girl but turns out shes about my age and shes hot as f***. Hot little blonde with big t*** and a nice round ass. I want the daughter to pay her own rent with s**. Now to see if we can reach an agreement.


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  • I was being sarcastic when I said you sounded like a great person.

  • You sound like a great person.

  • Would love to read the continuation of this story

  • I think you should f*** the mom twice a month cuz u need to show some respect for the daughter. But ask her mom if she wants her daughter to pay her own rent or the mom to f*** twice.

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