I don’t have have the b**** to tell my wife to leave

I wish my wife would leave me because I don’t have the b**** to tell her to leave.

Apr 16, 2019

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  • LEAVE YOUR OWN DAMN SELF. Or are both of your legs broken?

  • So do you think that a sexless loveless marriage will ever get better? If you have children, do you think it is better for them to see your current example, or learn to respect you as a man and have an opportunity to see what healthy relationships are - after all, they are always observing and will do the same things in their adult relationships? Have some damn respect for yourself.

  • I first filed for divorce and then told her. I was not going to be one of those saps to be talked out of it. I didn't brake when she threatened to blackmail me with my children. I didn't brake as she caused the divorce to be harder than it needed to be. When the divorce was final it was the best day I had in years.

  • Or maybe you could pack your s*** and go,just a thought

  • If you have children, then don't do this. The family court system will give your Ex full custody of the children (you will lose all rights to them), you will owe her child support, alimony for life, and you will have to pay for both yours and her legal fees. Depending on your State, you will go to jail for missing a few payments. Get some legal advice before doing anything. You can usually get 30 minutes to an hour free initial consultation.

  • >>"If you have children, then don't do this."
    Yeah, right. Far better for impressionable children to grow up in a household brimming with tension, expressed or unexpressed. That's healthy.

  • The initial legal fees for going to court this way starts around 20K.

    Oh, forgot to mention, she will take half of your pension, a percentage of your 401K, and a percentage of your social security.

  • Or just keep her around and let her soak you for all you're worth in small, everyday ways. Both financially and emotionally. Either way you've got problems.

  • Try

  • What would be the next step for you if you did get her to leave?


  • Buy some of those and then tell her

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