My start to sniffing panties !

I started by smelling my sisters panties while in her ! Then I would sneak in her room when she fell asleep . I started out smelling her feet then as I grew braver I started feeling her. Then progressed to putting my hands in her panties . It finally came down to me pulling her panties down and running my h****** against her p****. I can still see the moonlight shining thru the window and looking at my c*** touching her.



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  • I started with my skinny friends mother who would leave her worn panties on her bathroom floor,I would pick them up and have a quick sniff lick and suck while I came in their sink.

  • I never had that option of friends mothers or sisters. That would have been pretty hot as well

  • Lovely little hairless p**** rub your c*** all over it, I love sniffing my nieces knickers and licking the crotch

  • My daughter's are nine and eleven.!

  • That’s hot I enjoy that little pee smell

  • Youngest just toi train and has mishaps, love sucking her pee out of them

  • I have a pool and enjoy a plethora of panties. I love how some girls hide them and others just throw them around. Either way I get to smell each and everyone of their panties.

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