My start to sniffing panties !

I started by smelling my sisters panties while in her ! Then I would sneak in her room when she fell asleep . I started out smelling her feet then as I grew braver I started feeling her. Then progressed to putting my hands in her panties . It finally came down to me pulling her panties down and running my h****** against her p****. I can still see the moonlight shining thru the window and looking at my c*** touching her.



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  • While dating my wife i use to call to her house and her moms underwear use to be in laundry basket in bathroom .i use to sniff them and go so hard .i got braver and have jeck in bathroom rubbing her panties against my c*** as i came . i stole some and now 30 years later i still have them and odd time still have secret jeck . if she knew id be dead man lol

  • I actually smelled my mother in laws panties as well ! And even fingered her and she act as if nothing ever happened and never even acknowledged it .

  • I started with my skinny friends mother who would leave her worn panties on her bathroom floor,I would pick them up and have a quick sniff lick and suck while I came in their sink.

  • Awesome I sniff panties at my pool all the time I try them all some much better than others lol

  • I never had that option of friends mothers or sisters. That would have been pretty hot as well

  • Lovely little hairless p**** rub your c*** all over it, I love sniffing my nieces knickers and licking the crotch

  • My daughter's are nine and eleven.!

  • That’s hot I enjoy that little pee smell

  • Youngest just toi train and has mishaps, love sucking her pee out of them

  • I have a pool and enjoy a plethora of panties. I love how some girls hide them and others just throw them around. Either way I get to smell each and everyone of their panties.

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