I divorced my wife because she spent too damn much money

She had maxed out three credit cards and was working on the fourth when I got fed up and divorced her. I got a good lawyer and I didn't have to pay her alimony just a clean break never have to see her again.

I hear she got remarried to some guy who was brain damaged from using drugs and I guess she manipulated him into giving her everything he owned.

To make a long story short she went bankrupt. The little idiot actually spent so damn much money she couldn't pay her bills.

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  • Don't blame you dude. My Ex is an accomplished user of not only men but anyone she can play her manipulating ways with. Not only did she live large on me she cleaned me out for years to come after the divorce.

  • Want me to go round and s h a g her?

  • Naa she's worthless in the sack as I recall. Not worth the gas money.

  • No worries,offers there if you want šŸ‘

  • My ex didn't have a shopping addiction, what she had was a family of mooches that she just couldn't say no two. She damn near emptied our entire savings and went through half of our retirement money helping out her dead beat brother and his wife. When I found out she had paid for them to go on a weeks vacation after neither of them even held a full time job more than a few months I lost it. Here we were working day and night while they did nothing to better themselves and she is sending them to the beach on my dime. I knew it would never stop no matter how many times she promised and begged me to not leave her . We divorced two years ago, I actually still feel bad for the way they took advantage of her and still do but at least they are no longer taking advantage of my hard earned money.

  • My ex-wife had a major shopping addiction. F****** bought close to 800 pairs of shoes. Like when the f*** can you wear that s***? As the credit card balances went up, the b******* became less frequent. I'm not sure if there is a correlation there, but women are only good for two things: s** and cooking (and don't marry a woman who can't cook or won't put out on demand).

  • Sadly, most women are this way. I'd say over 75%. Selfish, greedy, manipulative b****** who consider money as nothing more than another thing they can take from a man without giving anything in return. B******. B******.

  • That speaks more to your perception of women you either know or pretend to know while spanking it in mommy's basement. There are lots of women (far more than 25%) out there who aren't that way, but you'll never know that firsthand, will ya Chuck?

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