All guys love to f*** Sissy boys

I have been a very submissive Crossdressing Sissy since age 14. I'm 32 now. I'm very 5'6" tall, very girl looking and have naturally long hair, long sexy legs and a cute butt.

It shocking to me that so many men, come on to me and want to have s** with me. I tells them right away, I'm a sissy, but it doesn't matter. They usually want me more.

The married men, want me the most. They love touching my legs when we are on a date and I'm sitting on a bar stool in a mini skirt. Or walk around a hotel room wearing silk panties, a bra and heels.

I like guys with large c****, and who can last in bed.

But the type of man that turn me on the most, is one who really want to really date me and IS NOT embarrassed to be seen with me in public.

The guy I'm with currently, is a widow in 30's. We work in the same company, He is an executive. We met at the Company's Christmas party.

Then he asked me out for dinner and dancing at a private Black Tie New Years Eve Party at Rainbow Room in New York City.

He is so much fun and the love making is great. It only about 5 months but I think he is the one I want to marry. Last month, we went to the Hamptons for a long weekend to meet his parents and siblings. They know, I'm crossdresser, but they seem to really like me.

I love him so much, and I know he feels the same way.

We going to DR for vacation in June. I can't wait.

I think he going to ask me to marry him.

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    We're getting married at Christmas time!

    I love him so much!

  • Oooooo, good luck!

  • I am the same age as you but live in the UK. I am also a transvestite and have a 60 year young lover who separated from his wife for me.
    We met in a gay bar, I was fully dressed En-Femme and must admit looked really good. I look really feminine having cultivated my girly looks ever since puberty, have natural long brunette hair down to my shoulders. I am also very particular about what I wear because keeping up with the current style is important to look natural.
    My lover is gorgeous, well built and keeps fit. He makes love to me often and I love the feeling of him in me when we are making love.
    I hope you marry your friend, he sounds nice and take no notice of the trolls and bigots who can abuse you as the are just ignorant fools.
    Post me if you want to chat more. My femme name is Jasmine.

  • I think he's taking you there to get raped and murdered

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