Mummy's panties

I've been sniffing and licking my mother's dirty panties since I was 7. I'm 48 now and still do every day. Besides the sensational smell of urine and creamy, sometimes crusty dried discharge I loved so much, I would find a beautiful brown s*** mark in them from time to time. I suck the flavor into my mouth soaking the mark so I can rub it all over my face xx



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  • Love that pissy musty smell my mom’s p**** had!!

  • I also love to sniff and lick my own mums dirty panties while I j*** off. I am actually sniffing a pair of her black cotton and lace dirty panties as we speak. They are so musky and quite crusty with her dried p**** juices. I love to suck on the crispy bits till they become wet and slimy again so I can actually taste my own mums vaginal secretions. I love to get my hands on them as soon as she has finished in the bathroom after working all day and they are still warm sticky and very tangy when I lick her sweaty, slimy crotch hat has been rubbing against her lovely p**** all day.
    I love to listen to my mum and dad have s** I always listen at their door and if I am really lucky sometimes it is not shut and I can watch her getting her p**** licked, fingered or f*****.

  • My mum is 83 now. She wets her panties every day. She just can't hold her golden nectar in anymore. Her urine is strong in flavor and smell. It is so amazing. I suck her soaking panty crouch and get a mouth full of pee pee. I do sniff and taste every pair of panties I find. It doesn't matter who they belong to. But still, no one is as good as mummy's xx

  • Beautiful

  • The greatest taste on earth. Mum's pissy panties x

  • You must be retarded you Pillock!!!!!!!!!!

  • Went from teen to milf and to gilf fetish then :P 30 years still haven't f***** her?

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