I've liked f***** in my ass since I was 11

I'm a 29 yo guy who has enjoyed getting ass f***** for a long time I'm a straight guy but love taking c*** love seeing my girl take it and I like taking it. It started when I was 11 on a farm not many girls around had my friend put it in me and let him f*** me for years want g********* and dpd someday I've always been bi but I love it in my ass I c** so hard like having my girl watch me get f*****

Apr 27, 2019

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  • My cousin and I tried butt f****** when we wee 10. I talked him in to doing it to me one day and we got up in the barn loft and he put his d*** n my ass and we f***** and did it two times then again that night out behind the storage building in the dark. AS we got older he would c** in my ass and I really liked that and I liked getting f***** all the time and growing up I let quite a few friends f*** me in the ass and had my first really big d*** in high school. It hurt the first few times and he f***** me hard and shot a big hot load up my ass and soon after that we f***** nearly every day for months.
    I still like getting f***** when I can and enjoy my toys and other things in my ass. I have had this fantasy for many years. I want to taken to a private cabin and be gang f***** for days by at least 6 or more very well hung men and be used hard and filled with one big hot load of c** after another. Tied up and raped and gang banged for days by big huge long fat c****. Two Blacks Two Hispanics and two White men and even more if possible.

  • Many straight guys love getting f***** up the ass. It is quite normal. Try to explain the need to your girl how you need it and how you want her to watch. Lots of really well hung dudes would be happy to help you out. I suggest getting a** f***** two or three times a week for a while to see if it is really what you like. I suspect you will grow to need it.

  • Would have loved your tight p**** at 11

  • You sound like my friend Jack. We were a group of 6 friends all the same.

    We had a sleep over when we were all 13. And caught Jack jerking off and fingering his own ass.

    We teased him about it, then one of the guys Rob asked Jack he would like to ass f*** him.

    Jack, took off his sleep pants. Picked up a bottle of hand lotion and got on his knees and rub the lotion on and in his butt hole.

    Rob was rock hard, and went to f*** Jack ass. Jack said go slow at first. They f***** for 5 minutes then Rob came is his ass.

    Jack took everyone of us that night.

    It 15 years later now, we are all married, now even Jack.

    But almost every Thursday night, we say we are playing poker, but actually have a F*** Jack's Ass night.

    Over time Jack has started crossdressing when with us and got into giving blow jobs that are so good I get hard just thinking about his mouth.

    Everyone agrees s** with Jack is better than with their wives.

  • That's awesome

  • Do you guys recruit other Jacks?
    I'm interested

  • I would love to be member of your friend circle! You guys sound like a lot of fun. Anyone else in the group ever suck c*** of get ass f*****? If not, why not?

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