I want to c** in food

I get off to the thought of c****** in someone's food and them unknowingly eating my passionate thick load. Just the thought of them swallowing my c** while I smile and ask how it tastes makes me extremely hard. I want to explode in my nieces thick 'n creamy kraft mac 'n cheese and serve it and watch her smile as she chews my dead children in her mouth and swallows every last drop of my cheesy goodness. When she visits I want to pour a hot load on many peppermint candies and serve that too her too. I have to wait until she and my other family comes down to visit and ill be sure to make the mac n' cheese and give them an extra taste of my precum and dirty b**** on the rims of their cups and their plates. I need more ways to feed her and everyone else my delicious seed. It's driving my d*** insane thinking about it.

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  • Did it in my nieces porridge

  • Make cookies and c** in the batter!!! They will be like OMG THESE ARE THE BEST COOKIES!!! You can say they are made with love, man love!

  • Haha!! I once jizzed in some flapjacks I made and bought them into work for the backstabbing gossiping a-holes in my office!
    What a sense of satisfaction watching them greedily s***** them up and stuff their faces!!
    I say go for it my man!!! Mac n cheese them up lmao!!!

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