I am an adult Male and i go to amusement parks and carnival's and look for little girls between 7 and 10 years old age. when i find a girl in that age range i use a rag with cloraform and put it over the girls mouth. i than take her to my van. i bound and gage her. each day during the summer i kidnap 10 girls. i than bring them to my house which is in the middle of nowhere on a 10,000 acre property. i repeatedly rape the girls for a 3 day time span. each rape i video record. i also take about 200 naked pictures of each girl. i have been doing this for atleast 15 years. i never got caught. i was born in 1980 and i started doing this when i was 24 years old. i destroyed hundreds and hundreds of little girls. when i am done with them i cloraform the girls and then dump them out side on the side of the road. i am starting to feel guilty about i have been doing for the past decade and a half. please tell me what you think and if i should feel bad.



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  • I have rape my sleeping sister in law and would love to sleep f*** my wife's mother and my sister in laws nine year old daughter

  • I molested my sleeping 5 year old sister and my 7 year old cousin. both on several different occasions. right now i am in love with my sister hanna's 13 year old friend shalea baucom. shalea's body is incredibly. she has unbelievable curves and her t*** are nice round and beautiful. she is honestly the most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my 24 years of being on this earth. she has amazing feet. i have stolen out of her body a lip gloss 2 lip balms and her bra and underwear. we went swimming yesterday so i know for a fact that she was wearing them. i sniff her under wear any time i can. i want to f*** her so badly but she is 13 and i am 24 but in Georgia the age of consent is 16. so i will wait until she turns 16 witch is in 3 years. than i will start the relationship with her. have s** with her and purposely impregnate her so she has to marry me.

  • No man don't feel bad feel the lil P****! Keep doing it !

  • Use my d*** to enjoy them

  • Love my stepdaughters little 10 year old p****

  • Can i get nude pictures of your stepdaughter

  • Hi and who is this

  • Fa man that loves little girl p**** so can you send me the nude pics of your 10 year old stepdaughter

  • I will let you talk with her here..

  • Ok let me talk to her

  • Please send me the nudes. i haven't seen a 10 year old girl naked in a long time so please send them. if you want i will give you my phone number or email address to send me the nudes. i promise i won't let any one see them in order to to get on my phone you have to put in a password.then all my apps have a lock. plus my messaging and email app have an additional lock on it which is my thumb print. no one will see it but me.

  • Its lovely, no hair, a nice little c*** and puffy

  • My daughters are with me now.

  • Let me talk to them

  • Shut up, h**** 12 year old.

  • So f****** wrong so much bullshit but agreed the younger the p**** the more iget hard

  • Piece off s***..

  • I'd kill u

  • Guess you're just going to ignore the comment below where they pointed out your flawed timeline proving this story is bullshit. Lol, you f****** retarded f*****.

  • Even if it’s flawed, this is so f***** in many ways. I mean their f****** influencing child p**********. Like what the f***?

  • If you will notice, you played right into what the r***** pedo wanted. Dumbshit.

  • Still. This f****** shouldn’t be saying this s*** period. He’s gonna f*** with the wrong person someday and he’ll regret it

  • This may be bullshit but i have molested hundreds of little girls and destroyed their lives. honestly i am 40 years old and i have been molesting little girls since i was 15 years old i started with my 5 year old sister. i molested her seven different times. than two of my cousins had to stay at my parents house for a week and a half during the summer one year and i molested my 7 year old female cousin every night until her brother and her self went back home. i carried from my sister's room to my room and i f***** her. i stuck my 8inch d*** in her p**** a****** and mouth. i took pictures of her with my phone. 25 years later i am still molesting little girls all over the us. because i constantly cross state lines they dont know that it is me doing it. i stake out sartin homes that have little girls living in them and in the middle of the night i break into their homes tie up the parents and any other people in the house except for the little girl. than molest her i force her into the shower and make her scrub her p**** and the rest of her body. she is in the shower for 10 minutes scrubbing her self clean. than i leave. i am very molecules and forensic savvy.

  • I need to get to know you. I’m 22 thought I was gay but now only think about raping baby girls to teens and getting a young girl pregnant. Teach me

  • Kill yourself your gene pool was a mud puddle

  • Crock of crap

  • Yes child p*** and child molestation. no p**** is better than 5 to 10 year old p****. after 10 years of age it changes and develops. i love undeveloped p****. it is so pink. i get a hard d*** from just looking at little girls at the store or even better in a bathing suit at the pool. when they go in the restroom i will follow them in show them a knife and say don't scream i won't hurt you just take your bathing suit off i than the the cherry i then have them take a shower where i tell them to scrub their private parts. than they get dressed and i say stay here until i walk out the door. i love it

  • Rape, abuse, force is ALWAYS WRONG, but I agreechild p**** is the best

  • Yes child p*** and molestation on little girls. the young the p**** the better. 5 tp 10 years of age i dont want p**** any older than 10 years after that it begins to change and develop. i love me some undeveloped p****

  • Bby and up for me

  • Yeah wait till one of these, you’re gonna be thinking you can’t get caught but if their parents catch you, I pray to the m************ LORD you get your ass kicked. My goodness if you were to do anything to my children, you would praying you have good dental insurance

  • Yes he would need good dental insurance if he f ucked with my twin daughters. I'd knock his teeth so far down his throat, that he'd need to get a toothbrush up his f ucking ar$se to clean them.

  • Twins i love twin girl p****

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • I have twins a boy and girl

  • I answer to a greater power than the lord. he allowes me to do this and not get caught. the reason is i have no soul it belongs to my master the DEVIL. he said if you want to do this for years and not get caught sell me your soul and i did just that. i will never get caught

  • I plan to adopt when I join the Navy. Now if I saw you trying to rape my children I would engrave your soul into the f****** pavement. F****** weirdo

  • I love little girls p****. 5 to 10. no p**** is better than 5 to 10 year old girl p****. it is so pink and i get a hard d*** from writing this. if i got a hold of ur daughters would would get them back but i would f****** pure acid in their f****** p**** and film them screaming. i would than send them on there way with a video for you

  • That was so sick and twisted that you want to torture them after raping them... but a man like that deserves his fun just wish I could watch

  • Really want to have a little P**** from 0-3 to F***

  • Baby is so hot

  • Would you like too talk with her

  • You’re f*****. Seriously f***** up. You need a f****** counselor before something happens to you

  • A counselor, f uck don't be so kind to the c unt. He needs to be thrown in jail and the hardened crims should f uck his ass until his nose bleeds.

  • In your dreams ass hole

  • I love little girl p****.. me knowing that there are virgins and the fact that i take it from them while they scream and beg for it to stop..i love it. the sound of a 7 year old girl screaming and crying for the pain in her undeveloped p**** to stop. it feels so good to do that to little girls. it is so f****** awesome i can't get enough of it

  • You’re deranged

  • It is true.

  • Really? Then how are you picking up 10 girls everyday while also spending 3 days with them? Guess you should have read your own bullshit sentence to make sure it made sense before you posted it.

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