I'm a s***** person

I'm such a f****** s*** person, I made my friend who is already struggling with depression and who can't get out of bed in the morning, feel awful. I kept on going on about how important school is and how she should go but now she feels terrible. I feel like a f****** piece of s*** for doing that, which I am. It's all I can focus on I feel so guilty, I feel guilty easily.

I apologised and she said it's okay but it's not f****** okay I don't know why I'm like that but I try to f****** help but I just make it 10x worse. I'm always like this and I would f****** kill myself because I deserve it but I have her and my little brother who I feel like I need to be there for even if I'm a f****** s***** person.


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  • Most people are like that, including those who claim to be good listeners. Everyone on this planet is screaming and nobody listens until something catastrophic happens.

    Do you semi-impatiently "hear her out", then brush it aside and make the conversation all about you? That's always a good one. Makes the other person feel very validated and worthwhile. >:(

  • I’m an advice ahole too. Had to stop doing it. When your friend b****** just listen. Don’t talk. Be their cheerleader not mentor.

  • When she commits it'll be your fault.
    Nice work...friend

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