Stepdaughter a hot hot ASS

I have a very strong sexual fantasy on my stepdaughter
I just want to take her and shove my tongue in her hot wet c*** and suck all her juiced out
Then have her suck me till I'm good and hard and turn and bend over as I cram my c*** in her ASS till she screams DADDY F*** ME HARDER, IVE BEEN WANTING YOU SINCE I SAW YOU F****** MOM I NEW I HAD TO GET YOUR D*** IN ME SOMEWAY AND I DID

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  • When my step-daughter was 17 she gave me an incredible blow-job and swallowed every drop. About a month later I f***** her and she told me to c** in her mouth again. Three days later I f***** her ass and she had an o*****. I've been f****** her for over twenty years now, and she is the world's greatest c***-sucker. Her mom's a pretty good f*** too, they both love c***.

  • Youngest for me was 3

  • Tell us the circumstances.

  • Love it emooth

  • Baby mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Sweet cheeks

  • Love our daughters bald p*****..

  • How old?

  • Would love to see
    I got pics

  • Me too newborn and up

  • Its so tight and smooth

  • Love any bald p****<

  • Same here or ill shave it for her

  • I like them long before they grow any

  • Yummy!!!! I would totally do her too.

  • I finally did, after c****** prematurely
    I backed up , Got up and wore that little hot ass out !! Taught her a thing or two !!

  • Bet she loved a nice hard c*** in her ass

  • Kick mum out f*** the stepdaughter

  • Definitely, I did this

  • Lucky you

  • Sweeeeeeet

  • Flat n bald

  • Love it

  • Thanks
    Let's hear yours

  • Thanks

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