B**** you mutt I miss you

SOmeoneadvertised free puppies and I went to the address and picked you out. The guy said you were a Manchester terrier but I could tell you were mixed with another type of dog. It didn't matter. We seemed to be meant for each other as soon as I got you home. I fed you some roast beef leftovers and give you some water. I then took you outside so you could do your business.

We went back in the house and I started cuddling with you. You ate the affection up and gave me puppy kisses in return.

Time goes by and you are my best friend. I get caught up in a layoff with no job prospects in sight and there you were to comfort me. My girlfriend decides she wants to date other men and you comfort me. I go to bed and there you are under the covers with me.

You were not a big dog but you were feisty. You loved to play and I will never for the time you befriended that Dalmatian puppy. He was three times your size but you were the Alpha male. The bloodhound in the neighborhood was your constant companion when you were outside.

You were able to know who was bad and who was good. You were standoffish when around an a****** but sweet and loving to nice people. You could pick them better than I could.

Some dogs should never die but they all do. When you got old you finally passed away and I've grieved less for other humans in my life.

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  • Lol, dead dog!!!

  • Almost as funny as your dead brain cells, fucktard :)

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