Who is it?

There is a poster on this website flowing with 3 themes, 1 either he wants to be a little girl 2 he likes getting spanked or 3 he likes or wants to be raped, or a mismash of all three other then the bad grammar his posts are gold and I think it’s a she only because he uses the word v***** instead of p****, girls hate the word p**** I know I do
She has very good creative concepts and should start writing books
I’m gonna call you Katie!



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  • I like Katie, she inspires competition on this site!

  • In the exact same way throwing a single chocolate bar into a herd of retards does, yes.

  • I love rape stories

  • F*** off

  • Why? You need a why, or your reason is groundless and you look stupid

  • Ooh, you sure owned them. Sounds like you've got a solid grasp of the English language too.

  • Yea thanks a****** I’m the Russian

  • Then put down the vodka bottle and learn proper English

  • I tried

  • You failed.

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