Old perverted man finally!!

So I've always loved little girls 6,7 and 8. For years I'd be going to public pools,parks malls wherever I could find to fantasy over and how wonderful they feel taking me inside there tight smooth untouched virgin P****.. Never did I see me being presented with the perfect chance when this very cute sweet and very young little brunette came running to my car for help. Looking around there's nobody around and without a thought I opened my car door and she jumped in. Wow she's very cute in her little skirt and stripped top I can see those tiny nipples outlined and they look hard. She says they left her behind and didn't notice she got out to pee, putting my hand on her tigh caressing slowly feeling her silky smooth soft young skin being so empathic to her gaining her trust she agrees to coming home with me and waiting to be picked up.
Once in my home I really start getting touchy and she had pulled my hand out of her panties several times before I just decided that I'm f****** you eating you and enjoying my every fantasy.
She was everything I always wanted only 7 1/2. With beautiful nickel sized nipples and so wonderful to thrash them around while sucking her tiny Brest struggling around but there's nothing she can do and I'm loving it. Stripping her naked and I tie her hands to my headboard get undressed I get on top and introduce her to my c*** by shoving my dripping wet head to those lovely lips as she tries to spit my cck out I blow a load so fast from my own excitement. Man we f***** and f*** and I was so sore from her tight little pee pee. I finally let her go after we spend the week in bed together enjoying each other's juices and touches, waking up every morning that week to her beauty always shoo tight just as it was her first time knowing she feels every inch l******. Out joy from her heavy breath and unable to stop me screaming out from all the pleasure of multiple o******. So so so wet from both our juices she drains me Ever time.


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  • I highly doubt it. I have only molested family or friends of family. And you have to lube them up,and there is some blood

  • Once they get a nice hardcock in them the first time though they ALWAYS want more they lovefucking, mouth first from birth, ass next at about 18 mths then finally nice, warm, soft, tight childpussy

  • The nice tight lil p**** is well worth it though

  • Did she c**?

  • You should hand yourself into the police. Or even better, just hang yourself.

  • Nothin better than tight tiny puffy pu..y

  • 100% agree

  • Love yung p****

  • So you raped a 7 year old girl how many times and did you let her go

  • You need hanging you disgusting piece of s***.

  • Hanging why ? The only problem here is that he wasn't able to rape her when she was 3 or 4

  • 2 is better they can't tell

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