S** with my brother on my wedding night

First off I married a man who looks alot like my brother Tom who 30. I'm a 27 year old woman married for 3 months and now have a decision to make.

On the night of my destination wedding, after a wild reception, at small hotel in the Dominican Republic when we completely rented.

My new husband drank way to much and my brother and I spent to much time together dancing and smoking weed on the beach.

A couple of times while smoking we kissed at one point Tom slipped off panties and was playing with me.

This had never happened before, but we both liked it.

Finally, we went back to the reception at 2AM and people were passed out drunk everywhere.

We went to the Bridal Suite and it was full of sleeping people, most half dressed. My husband was out cold in a corner holding bottle of scotch. His shirt covered in vomit.

On the bed my maid of honor was being f*** doggy style eating out one of my bridesmaids.

I said to Tom Let's go to you room. We got on the elevator and before the doors closed I on Tom. We got to his room and he lifted me up pinning me to the wall, his c*** was rock hard, a was so wet, and he entered me.

I had never been f*** that hard or that good before. His c*** was long, thick and filled me completely.

I came several times, then after 10 minutes he came inside me.

We collapse on the floor not able to breathe. Tom looked at me and said "Jenny, I love you. I loved you since I was 15. That was the best s** I have ever had."

I kissed, Tom. "I feel the same too, but was a afraid to say anything." We started kissing again.

After 10 minutes, we decided to take a shower. We both had to pee, and did as the other watched. Even soft his c*** was large.

My husband was under 6 inches, and I don't remember really c****** with him. He is a good man, but is under sexed only wanting it once a week. He also dislikes getting oral s**, and would not kiss me after the few times I sucked his c*** when he couldn't get hard.

We showered and got in bed naked, then made love twice more.

The next morning we woke up hungover. He asked, "Jenny, I don't regret last night, it was a dream come true for me."

I looked at him and kissed him "Tom, I regret two things, not telling you how I feel years ago and getting married yesterday to the wrong man. I love you totally with all my heart."

Three months have passed since that wedding night. I have had s** with my husband 9 times since then, and only once on the honeymoon.

I have been with Tom almost every day. We go 69 and then f*** like animals, bare back.

When I have my period I give Tom oral, I swallow his c** every time.

I'm pregnant from Tom. And want to divorce my husband.


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  • I had s** with my younger Brother for the first time when I had just turned 40 just after my divorce.
    As awkward as it might have been that 1st time, it was hands down the best s** ever.
    My Brother is 7 years younger then I am.
    I came 3 times while he pumped me.
    I have NEVER had a vaginal o***** through intercouse before that afternoon.
    Oral clitoral was the only way I would c** before that fatefull mind blowing experience.
    I have never had s** with a p**** as thick as his and I had no idea What I had been missing for the past 25 years.
    It sounds nutty but I also trigger an o***** while he e********* inside of me....something so wrong and taboo about your own biological Brother cuming inside of you😅

  • Its great you and your brother are enjoying each other! The excitement of having s** with your brother is what makes the s** hotter, hence why you able to o***** with him. Make you used contraception ;)

  • Make sure you use contraception ;)

  • Ok nutmeg no need to share all your dirty linen.

  • You two are awesome! I would love to see pictures of your encounters.

  • I am sure you must be my long lost sister!

  • More Trump supporters

  • And then you went to mom's basement again end of the story

  • Fake

  • Fuckoff j******.lame gayness personified.

  • I see your still here sharing your love with so many.

  • Shhhh...

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