Does anyone have any experiences they wanna share about family fun



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  • Stole my 4 year old daughters cherry

  • I've had s** with my sister multiple times and also with my mum as well. There's nothing like making love to family and it SHOULD be legalized!!!!

  • Hi. I never experienced incest myself. But my husband (43) has s** with his mom (75) since about 6 months. He has been seduced as a boy by his aunt who was a twin to his mom. And over all the years he dreamed about s** with his mom because she looked like his aunt (who died by accident when he was 16).

  • I lost my virginity to my mom and she had my kid. She always watched her 5 year old nice until she was 12. We started by watching p*** and striping,she was our play toy. I penetrated her but by six,but her puss at 8.

  • Nice, bet that yung c*** felt amazing

  • Any young c*** feels amazing

  • My younger sister and i have been in a consensual relationship for 3 years. we have s** and everything. i never want us to break up and neither does she.

  • I think you two should stay together for the rest of your lifes. There is no reason for you two to beak up ever. It should be legal and you should be allowed to marry.

  • We are twin 11 year old sisters and we f uck. Mum approves and she's read a lot about twincest. We walk around the house naked and sit on the couch holding hands while we smoke ciggies and drink vodka cruisers and tongue kiss. Sometimes we get that hot for each other mum sends us to one of our rooms.

  • Awsome you can be your self with no judgment

  • Me and my sister, for the last 30 years. Hot bareback s** at least 4 times a week. 69 almost every morning.

    We have 5 kids and are in love.

  • I used to have s** with my sister, especially after clubbing.

  • Clubbing her first is a bit much!

  • It's the only way the b**** will hold still :D

  • Nicer when they buck and convulse when you eat that hairless p****

  • It is so awsome,there bug is really puffed out. It is amazing that they get off at 2 years old. They feel a tickle after getting off. The first time I did it to a 2 year old girl it took like 2 hours for her to feel it. After the firs time,she only took a half hour,I think her body became accustomed to it. The youngest I ever had was my cousin,she was 8 months old, wow what a feeling,such silky skin, I don't know if she got off,but I enjoyed her baby p****. To my amazement the third time I had my d*** out,she automatically went to suck it,she knew that she would get something and she ate it all. No harm was done to her,she 8 year old now,and we still play together. The kids I play with actually enjoy it, I have had at least 50 if not more kids,no complaints just a few suspicious parents that question the play mates,the said we just play. People who say we should die don't understand,I was molested as a kid and loved it,I used to walk around naked to get attention and I did. I can't help my feelings,just like Gay people can't and they were persecuted for years,now they are accepted. I am hoping society will get rid of the stigma that it is wrong

  • I love baby and toddler p****

  • Lol. After drinking :)

  • Cousin was 8 I was 13, best p**** I ever had

  • I've been f****** my cousin twice a year since I was 17. I'm 42 now. We are both married to other ppl. Every thanksgiving and Christmas we sneak off to have s**

  • I f***** my cousin and had my mom jack me off till I came

  • In are mid teens.

  • Me sister and cousin in the shower but that was a few years ago.

  • I remember one time i had some family fun with my little sister

    If you want to email me you can

    I wouldn't mind sharing my story

  • Do u?

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