Smelled my bosses wife’s and daughters panties

I was a maintenance Supt for a large facility , that had housing on grounds.
I would go to my bosses house during the day and smell his wife’s panties . Then it escalated to his daughters panties and shoes. I would lay on his daughters bed naked sniff her panties and c** in her shoes.
I found a pair of his daughters panties just like my wife’s VS. I took them home and smelled them during s** with my wife. Then I put them in the hamper and she wears them.

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  • My wife is very sexual. She likes the thought of men l****** after her. We have one bath only. When we have people she leaves dirty panties in the hamper.

  • I took a pair of my mothers used panties home with me I Sniffed and put the crotch up to my mouth so I could taste her while my wife was sucking me off I put my mothers panties in our hamper and my wife has been wearing them I guess she thinks they're hers

  • I sniff my wife mothers all the time

  • Bravo man

  • I wanna say yes,well done my man!!! But I'll wait until I know the daughter is of LEGAL age before I do. So many dirty nonses on this site😠

  • Her age

  • The daughter was 21 that’s why her panties fit my wife the vs panties. The shoes I would c** in were red high heels. I would have enjoyed seeing her walking in them.

  • I am glad too hare it..

  • In that case, I wholeheartedly say well done my man!!! I love love love sniffing dirty wet panties and have sniffed many of my friends wife's and gfs, my wives friends and work colleagues,in laws and even random people who's houses I have been into whilst collecting stuff I bought on ebay!
    I swear the scent gets me high!!!

  • I have bought from eBay and local girls as well. Plus hamper diving , I love the treat of s pubic hair stuck to the panel.

  • Oh I don't buy them,I steal them when I go to collect other stuff.
    I find buying baby equipment like stair gates for $10 is the best,as they're usually cash strapped milfs who's panties are always the wettest and have most discharge

  • We have a pool and no panties are safe. My SIL panties drive me crazy , and I have taken a few pair !

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