Panties are so comfy for men.

I confess I started wearing my mothers panties when I was 20 years old and her bras so now she buys me my own I’m not gay I just love wearing bras and panties

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  • Panties 24/7 for me way more comfy

  • I been hearing men say how comfortable panties are and now I want to go out and buy a pair and see how they feel.

  • Did u tell your mum u wore them?

  • I've sniffed your mums before mate👍 don't worry,they smelt great,shame I moved to Devon as now I cant sniff them anymore

  • If steal my sister's bras n panties and wear them then I use then to M********* with.

  • When my girlfriend was asleep I would go into her daughter's bedroom and try on her panties.

  • Nice, I would try her p**** too

  • Nah, you gay bro

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