Accidental incest in the African American community

A negative stereotype concerning African Americans is that the women are so promiscuous that the children and the mother herself are not sure who the father of her children are. In the poorer ghettoes this, unfortunately, is very true.

This situation, unfortunately, causes accidental incest. Half brothers and sisters get together and make babies and in extreme cases when a black girl has s** with an older man the man may be her father. This happened in Ohio.

Inbreeding is very bad.


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  • Best with your mother

  • Incest happens everywhere. Its a natural part of being human.

  • Incest West Virgina jokes are mostly about white people. You are why America was and probably will never be "great".

  • I have been raping my cousin sis since she was caught by me with her bf I taped everything and black mailed her for puss. She is married now but its my child she is carrying now

  • U need to understand a woman is suppose to enjoyed no matter black or white...thats why she is born. To feed us with food and later puss y

  • #Ni.g.g.ers.

    Dirt bags the lot of them

  • I had s** with my sister and it wasn't even an accident

  • Serisously this isn't even a confession. And more Importantly wtf do you care? Just live your life. And judging by the content you must not have one. So get one.

  • Your first statement is true of all ghettos, regardless of skin color.

    Nice attempt at stirring the race shitpot. Now go away.

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