Wearing panties

I hear so many men that like wearing women panties and clothes. I think I'm gonna try it out. I'll have to go out and buy some because my wife is much smaller. I'll just wear them around the house. I would like to take pictures to see how I look.



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  • I like wearing her panties - specially those of satiny , nylon, stretchable materials etc - they feel good against my skin and soon I reach a nice h****** and m*********.

  • I was the last person stereo-typical..blue collar hard working rough and tumble guy who is vigilant, honest and a strait-shooter....till.....lol..I was partying with a younger than me friend cutie around 28 years old..and I was naked in front of her and she started to smirk and giggle coming up to me and low and behold made me step into some of her G-string sexy satiny panties and then proceeded to suck my c*** with the diligence of a surgeon focused on a heart transplant....That experienced imbedded so deep in to my sexual psyche..it's my favorite thing to wear during masturbation or adult play...gets my c*** rock hard and pulsing. Maybe I should have worn some writing this so I could c** on the screen in confessional delight : )

  • I buy my husband super nice satin panties at jcp the brand flirtitude and umbrelay the flirt brand are super cute and sexy just make sure the front is wide enough for you member. The umbrelay brand is a nice soft satin material wide front so everything stays nicely packaged. They also have a wide band at the top to stay in place! I love that he wears them so much better than mens underwear....enjoy♡

  • Your a great wife...an honest expression of love..kudos to you : )

  • You won't go back, I started about 20 yrs ago and wear nothing but now

  • Really they're that comfortable.

  • Yes, forget the thongs etc go for briefs, I like the regular budget fruit of loom or hanes her way, nicer if they have the wider waist band, wear them backwards so they support your c*** and b**** ,satiny , nylon, lycra etc feel really nice for wanking in

  • So good I'll try them.

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