Brother b*******

I'm 16 and my brother is 14.

Last month my parents went into the city for the weekend. My brother and I raided the liquor cabinet and got totally smashed.

A some point, he begged to see my c***, so I got naked. The next thing I knew he was blowing me. I didn't last long and came on his mouth and he forced himself to swallow.

We kept drinking and he did it two more times that night.

Since that night he is obsessed with my c*** and swallowing c**. I've been woken up every night to find him giving me head. Before school he does it the shower.

He will not stop now. My c*** hurts from getting blown 4 or 5 times a day.

He has become a c** w****. After I c** he jerks himself off into a glass and drink it.

I don't know what to do now.

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  • 23 years ago when I was 8 my 16 year old brother would make me sleep in just a t-shirt at night and play with my ass in our room.

    He would constantly caress my ass and touch my butt hole. And would make me makeout with him.After two weeks he started to finger my ass lubricated with hand cream.

    Soon after that, I pushed back on his fingers to get more penetration, that night he f***** me and came in me.

    Since then I've been his sissy b****. I dress up for him and suck and f*** him all he wants.

    I didn't want to be gay. But i can't get hard eith a woman.

  • My brother like c**. But loves a*** from me all the time. We usually do it 3 times a day. Once when we wake up and twice at night.

    We have been at it for 15 years now. I'm 30 and my brother is 25.

  • Think he would blow me too? I like young boys

  • Your bro is a sister fucke r and you my dear a whor e , did I miss something

  • There 2 guys dude. You need to learn how to read.

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