I j*** off in my wife's dirty panties

I have been alone all day borde out of my mind and I have a pantie fetish so I am going to the dirty clothes hamper for my wife's panties I'm going to c** in every pair I can find 😊



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  • Perfectly normal thing. Most of do it but a very few will confess. I have a pantyhose fetish, so I stole my ex gf's, my cousin's and my coworker's from their dirty laundry. I sniff them, lick them, wear them and m********* in them imagining that their (female) owner forced me to be her sissy slave and wear her dirty clothes. I c** like crazy. My ex caught me and broke with me because of that.

  • I do it to my mother in-laws just Finished in a grey pair she put in the dirty clothes hamper after her shower a little bit ago love her sent and taste 😍

  • Who's that

  • Is her name Janine Nicole franks?

  • Nieces for me

  • As far as this place goes this is probably one of the more normal confessions. I think most men have jerked off in their wives panties at one point or another. I know I have!

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