A*** sec

I hear a lot of men posting they are bisexual. I was just wondering if it is because their wives or girlfriend don't like it in the a----or may be don't like oral s**. Or maybe they should try pegging their husbands. I like to play around wearing pantyhose and panties when I'm alone. I had one girl that did not mine me wearing pantyhose. I just come out one night and said could I wear your pantyhose and she said no and picked me out a pair. Other women may think it's weird. I asked my girlfriend if I could have a pair of her panties because she was going away. I told her when we were talking that I was stiffing her panties. Then I said I was going to try them on and she just laughed. Then I sent her a pic with me wearing her panties. She laughed and said how did u fit in them. I said it was very hard. Then she said she would buy me a pair of lacy panties. There are a lot of sites that have sexy men panties.


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