S** addiction

I'm 25 years old and have s** addiction for family members both female and male.

It started 10 years ago, when I convinced my younger sister who was 13 to have mutual oral s** with me almost daily. Soon I got a male cousin to let me f*** his ass on a regular basis.

Mom caught me with him, and freaked out. That night I told Mom I liked guys, which was a lie. I then said I wish I had a girl to see which was better.

Mom's anti-gay, and in the end I got her to have s** with me. She thinks it will make me straight.

I'm still with mom every night and and sis and I have progressed to s**.
I'm also still f****** my cousin and for the last 8 months a guy at work who during our lunch break in his van.

I so f***** up. But I can't get enough s**. I c** and I want more. It is consuming my life.

May 21, 2019

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  • I really do also. I started a 8 years old. I am 42 now and still doing it. I had my cousin I was 18 and she was 11. When I married my wife had 2 boys ages 4 and six. After a week we were doing sexual thingd,it lasted 2 years,then she left. I can't control my earges, I will always be myself.

  • No child abuse!

  • I have raped my cousin but no 1 knows till now and want to do it all over again

  • I never considered it rape. I groomed them and they were more than willing.

  • Stop child abuse!

  • Mine was 8 when I f***** her nice bald tight p****

  • Awsome,there is nothing like it. There skin is so soft. The youngest I penetrated was my 4 year old step son. It was a amazing feeling

  • Leave children out of it!

  • No, no you didn't.

  • P**** or c*** for me but it MUST be young

  • Me also,they are the best at that age.

  • Wrong!

  • I understand this, but you are limiting yourself. However I know we cannot control our private desires, and if you prefer quite young, then that is what you should be getting.

  • Thank You. Very young is my preference. I have a 5 year old I have been around since he was 4. We play at least 3 times a week. He actually said he loves it.

  • As long as its consensual s** it ok. No problem at all.

  • Exactly,I always make sure. I usually pull my p**** out and the ask me what I am doing. Works ever time

  • Between adults only!

  • This is actually very healthy. You should be exploring various kinds of s** so you find out what you like. You'd be surprised at the number of boys especially high school boys who f*** their moms. Soccer Moms love the big d**** of their sons. As to your sister. She is a girl who has f*** h****. Why shouldn't you use them? I'll bet the boys in hr school all use them. And as for the male friends...you are simply asserting your dominance which is very healthy. it means you are a man. F*** all of the boy a** you can. It is very enjoyable.
    The world is a wonderful place and all f****** is wonderful.

  • It is very enjoyable and the actually like it. The 5 year old I am doing was so happy when he could take it all

  • You need help

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