Panties for my 11th Birthday Party back in 2000

It was my 1st year in Jr. High, 6th grade to be exact. I was turning 11 and my mom decided to throw me a party with guys and girls. It will be fun Amanda, where my moms words!! To make a long story short, my mom got me a gift that I opened at the party that were bra and panties, cute bikini sets, bras clasp in front, at 11 I didn't have much on top....yet!! The girls wow'ed with excitement, the guys I am sure, just whispered into one other's ear. Shortly after, it seemed my phone wouldn't stop ringing. By Thanksgiving weekend, an 8th grader named Michael was rubbing over my panties under my school uniform skirt at the movies. During Christmas Holidays, Michael and another guy named Charles (older color guy it seemed) whom I barely knew had managed to sneak to my house when my parents were gone. Yes I told them I would be alone that day for a few hours in the afternoon. Pretty soon it got hot and heavy , kissing, shirt off, shorts off, in living room with 2 guys in just my bra and panties, hands all over me. It was an awesome day!!!

Explicit version on Naughtyposts!!

May 27, 2019

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  • And you were 11 with these 2 dudes? You kinda left us hanging. Did they f*** you that day, or did you just suck c***?

  • Trust me if I was there with an 11 yr old she suck and f*** then I would hope she had a little sister

  • What a little sister lol?

  • Haha I know the feeling. I got my first training bras as a xmas present when I was 11 and opened it in front of all my family and relatives. how embarrassing. but it wasn't until I got my first cup bra at 12 did the boys notice. Even though it was only 30A it was a boy magnet in my neighborhood! lots of boys wanted me to be their GF once they found out I would show my bra to them and let them squeeze my b****. Then I started getting smart. I wasn't going to show by bra or b**** unless they showed me their p**** AND let me play with it. Some did others were to shy. Buy by 13 I could give the best BJs,i was told. And it all started with a 30A padded bra.

  • I love getting the knickers off a preteen and finding her c*** has no hair, when I was 8 my mum and dad split and my mum got together with another bloke, they had a baby girl together and I taught her everything she knows about s**, I was 12 the first time I put it in her ass and 16 the first time I f***** her

  • I was 12 when I let a guy under my panties first time!! It was awesome!!! Just like yours!! Going to look for your explicit version now on naughtypost

  • How do I find Naughtypost?

  • Did u find it?

  • My mom wanted me to be popular. She used to make me wear skimpy skirts and tight tops all the time. Can't say my memories are quite as happy as yours

  • Happy for all the guys that felt you up though eh?

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