I want to f*** my mother in law

I’m 29 she’s 51 I’ve been with her daughter for ten years due to marry very soon. Still got a good figure and bum. At first I would have never given her a second look. We usually take visits to see my partners parents and we are all a close family . It’s difficult because the brain can make you see things the way you want even though it’s not the truth . The mother in law is married she’s been married for about 7 years. However it started on one summers day at her house . I was wearing a vest a sporty one the one they show your arms basically . And as she walked past she stoked my arm I thought nothing of it and told myself it doesn’t mean anything . I feel like she likes the attention or is attracted to me but is scared to act on it . Not too sure . But anyway on another occasion when we said goodbye she kissed me on my lips . Just a peck on the lips but funnily enough she’s never done that again lol . Made me wonder ? Additionally when we hug I touch the lower part of back whether that is for familiarity or something else . I’ll never know . And as we say goodbye I kiss her neck during the hug it’s meant for her cheek but somehow always lands on her neck. And the hug seems a bit long winded I really need to start counting how many minutes . When others members of the family are there it’s quciker but when it usually feels different. She regularly just bends over in front of me to do things people bend over its life . But I can’t help but wonder does she presume I won’t look or does she even realise ? I try to be respectful but sometimes I look. I reckon if I unintentionally flashed msyelf she would look . But I don’t have the b**** to do anything more because like I said the brain can make you see what you want. Sometimes I just feel to lower my hand and little bit when we hug and touch her bum but I don’t have the b**** . I just feel to slap her bum when no one is looking when she bends over to see what she does. I believe she’ll laugh but I could very very wrong lol


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  • I always loved my MIL botto.. When I was dating my wife and went to her house her mother wore these very short and tight Terry cloth shorts that allowed the bottom of her beautiful round checks to show and she wore full brief panties that outlined her round bottom. She would reach for something in cabinet and I could see her cute panties cupping her bottom. She would always bend over in front of me and they tightly outlined her bottom and between her legs.
    I would go into the bathroom and look thru hamper for a pair of her panties to sniff and lick. I am sure she knew because later I would always find a pair on top that was wet with her juices. I started taking them home and wear them feeling her wetness.
    Later in life she would walk around in panties and bra or bra and panty hose purposely in front of me. She had extremely large and distinct nipples and when she awoke and came out in her nightgown they would be visible.
    She would sit in a way that her nightgown would ride up and I could see her panty crotch if she was even wearing any.
    I many times would wear her panties under my shorts while talking to her. I would use her undies to release in and also her bra cups.
    She later approached me about her missing undies and the fact of what she found on her panties and bra cups.
    I will leave what happened for later only to say my bottom was very red and it lead to years of mutual gratification for both.

  • I want to f*** mine in every hole her big beautiful ass would be tight she never does a*** with her husband I'd love to stretch her ass wide open and shoot my load in her open ass I want her tasty p**** and I'd love to fill her throat I'd make her ass hurt good I love a*** I f***** my wife's ass in her sleep last night it was great I want her mom's ass 😊

  • I f***** my MIL once before. I was 24 had just married her daughter. She was 50 something and we came home from a wedding. Me and my wife crashed at her house. My wife was passed out drunk. My MIL was drunk just not pass out drunk. I went to the bathroom and when I came out my MIL grabbed me and kissed me while she rubbed my d*** through my pants. She pulled me into her bedroom, unzipped my pants, pulled them down, and started sucking on my d***. Then she pushed me back on her bed and pulled her panties off under her skirt. She crawled on top of me and slid down on me riding me like I was her own man. I was told on other web sites that I raped her because because she was drunk. Drunk or not, she was the one controlling the situation, not me.

  • I don't think it's you don't have the b**** as much as your just trying to be very respectful. I admire it.

  • *title " I want to f*** my mother in law"

    Answer, who doesn't?!!!!!!

  • I wouldn't

  • My MIL was like that, I acted on it and she was all over me.

    That was 25 years ago. MIL lives with us so we have s** every night, my wife is a night nurse and we have time together.

    She's 70 now and has a better body than her daughter and a high s** drive. My wife but she only wants s** 2 times a month.

    The truth is married the wrong woman I have been in love with my MIL since before I married her daughter. I'm 48 now.

  • Think of it this way, if you were dating a woman and she touched you and kissed you on the lips, that and the other signals she's sending you, you bet she's wanting to take it to the next level.
    Understand the consequences if you two go to the next step, (and she is ready) that this may not end well.

  • I think there's probably some attraction there on her end too. If you keep flirting, she will get the message, and maybe let her guard down. Without a doubt she's thought about f****** you too. Her scruples might keep her from going there though.

  • Many years ago, I started dating this particular girl, just so I could get to her mother. It took me almost a year to lay the proper groundwork, but I succeeded. I never married the daughter, so the mom was not technically my mother-in-law, but I still got what I wanted and it was magnificent.

  • You need to make your move now before she loses interest. My mother-in-law and I would flirt with each other and then one day I made my move and scored. I had gone to pick her up from work and made small talk with her as we rode along. I drove out to the country and stopped at a small forest. I turned to her and pulled her close my lips touching her's. She didn't resist but put her arms around me. We would f*** at least once a week until her death. My wife never found out about our secret affair. Mother-in-law knew how to please a man and I sure miss her. So make the move on her, she wants it.

  • This is a great observation, and it offers great advice. Follow it. He's right.

  • Have you ever sniffed her dirty panties? I sniff my mother in laws(63) all the time,gets me so hard!

  • I sniff her dirty panties play some p*** and j***

  • When I was with my ex I slept with her mother. My ex girlfriend never found out.

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