I want to f*** my gf’s little sister

My girlfriends’s little sister Mayci always wears short shorts in the house and sometimes I get a glimpse of her tight young butt and her feet are so cute. I’d love to have her walk up to me, go on her knees, take her top off and ask me to f*** her throat one day while my girlfriend is gone. I want to feel the rush of my hard d*** in her throat with drool and saliva all over her face and my b****.

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  • My friends' dau is like that, and we have fun together. She begs for our time together, and her mom and I have had s** when she walked in and watched. Being young and interested in sexual feelings doesn't make a child bad, any more than it makes the adult she wants to explore her sexuality with bad. Society wants you to be prude. Don't be

  • Does she have t*** yet?

  • How old is she?

  • Yes climb on her like a mad bull and destroy her till you c** 20 times

  • This. Destroy the young teenie's face and ass.

  • She'll never let you, you'll have to drug her so you can rape her when she's out.

  • I’d love to f*** her a****** numb

  • There’s no better feeling that a tight little shithole squeezing your c*** while you batter that young sister.

  • Girl or boy for me, just has to be young

  • I don't know how anyone could ever get a d*** in my a*** it's so tight I can only get one finger in.

  • It’s all in the preparation. Just can’t stick it in your a******. I’ll be glad to show you.

  • Cheeky! Tell me more, what do you suggest?

  • It depends how old you are and how you look? B******, bum and sizes I can explain

  • Too young for you. And I look great thanks! 30-22-32!

  • There is no such thing as too young, baby and up for me

  • That's sick

  • Don't judge until you have licked a baby p**** all covered in pee

  • Then you will need plenty of lube and to be relaxed you will need him to lick you bum hole for a while this will feel great, then he will need to start pushing his tongue in and out your bum, while he does he will need to rub your c*******, you may come.
    You should now be ready for lube and his fingers, let him build up from one finger to three, then you should be ready for his c ock and you should have the greatest o***** of your life.
    And my lover is 11 and loves it

  • I hope my future lover will do this to me. Any boys my age would not lick a girls bum hole but my dream man will do this willingly.

  • I love licking out a girls ass

  • Will you want your future lover to drink your per too? I do this with my 11 y/o lover while I lick her bum hole

  • I would love to drink her warm pee straight from her 11 yr old p****

  • Hello are you there?

  • My lover is 11 and we do a***

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmm nice and tight they f*** best

  • She comes really hard from a***

  • Fingers in her c*** finger f****** her while you c** in her ass

  • Her age?

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