I want my wife to have s** with other men

I have been having these thoughts for some while now, Lisa is my wife for the past 16years, s** is ok but recently one time she was dressed up really well going to church and we parked the car far from the church with a 5min walk, while we were walking to church i noticed that every male driver who was driving past was eyeballing her, literally undressing her with their eyes. I instantly got a hardon when i realised that these guys found her attractive. this kicked off a sequence of thoughts and fantasies. Now I am at a place where i really want her to get a good hard f*** by someone else. i think she would enjoy herself and i would like to watch her getting satisfied and even j*** off while it happens. i love her and want her to be happy.

May 30, 2019

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  • The enjoyment and pleasure your wife should have from s** with a stranger and that too under her husband's supervision or filming is exciting and adventurous. The very thought gives some energy to f*** your wife in threesome is boosting your s** life and she shall be grateful to your also.

  • You want to be happy by letting other men have s** with your wife ? You better think this thing through before you open that door. Remember , once that door is opened it can never be closed.

  • I have the same fantasies about my wife. She looks great at 29, dresses well, has a great body. I think about sharing her all the time, though I'm not sure if I could handle it. She's way too proper to do such a thing anyway, although she has a very high s** drive and I can barely keep up with her.

  • My wife never lied about doing others but she didn't come out and admit it. That made it hotter to me. But she has confessed in last few years about being attracted to young ladies.
    I have had 2 of her guy friends tell me in detail how good she is.

  • I watched my wife get banged at the same time I was, I loved it. I tried to be straight,but I am Gay

  • You're an unbelievably pathetic cuck...holy s***, it's bad. She's gonna divorce you fairly soon, and you know why? No, its not for the roaming s**, she's already getting that. It's so she can make money off your sorry ass! She'll be s******* around (literally) while you pay alimony and child support

  • Take her out dancing. Let the guys flirt and dance with her. Tell her how sexy she looked out there. Ask her to invite one of them to your table. Get a feel for him and keep working it until you allow her to take him back to your car while you wait inside

  • My wife is 69, soon to turn 70 and she has three regular lovers, soon to add a fourth. She's having the time of her life.
    If your marriage isn't rock solid, I would not recommend going down this path. We've been in the swinging lifestyle for 13 years and communication is vital. You must be able to talk on a level that all feelings and fantasies are laid bare.

  • I am 40 years old and go both ways,off interested email me at lukemike499@gmail.com

  • Thank you

  • Is she ok with that?

  • Yes, she loves it, she knows how i feel

  • Let me destroy her right infront of you

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