Nice butt and you know it

I love nice bubble butts. I see women and young ladies working their butts. I love watching. It's a big thing now to have a nice butt. I want to know if any ladies out there have a great butt. You know who you are. I like to know if you like when guys compliment your butt and if u like showing it off with right clothing. It absolutely drives me crazy. I don't care what you look like but if your butt is banging I fall in love. The only thing I like which u may not like is a*** s**. I love to worship a nice butt.



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  • Girls between 7 and 12 have the best butts

  • It’s so hard walking around whether at the mall or at the beach. The a**** these young ladies have on them. So thick and round and perfectly proportioned. Makes you just want to eat, suck and lick them good. Young white females are evolving so fine these days. Better get to them cause those bodies are screaming to get tapped good

  • I find myself looking at 8 year olds and don't try to hide it. The way they put on make up and dress

  • I love Young girls also i can't wait for my nine years old neice

  • Oh yes, I think I have a great butt and I like to show it off by wearing tight skirts and dresses that hug me. I've even been known to show a lot of leg and thigh as I ride the tram on the way home from work. I've even been felt up as I make my way to a seat.

  • Really u been felt up? Keep showing that but and legs. Men love it. Just don't let them touch it unless you don't mind.

  • Dammit, Gran! Stop using my laptop to post stupid stuff!

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