Does my mom want s**?

My mom knows I'm a nudist and doesn't mind if I walk around naked in front of her. The first few times i was naked she wasn't around for very long. Lately it seems like when she knows im going to be nude she has spent more and more time at my house. I've never gotten an erection in front of her. I do remember one time I got a semi and she saw the tip of my p**** with some pre-c**. Is she thinking about s**? I would like to ask her to either join me naked or start touching her to see if it leads to something more. Sexually I would be open to kissing her, sucking her nipples, showering together, taking a bath, oral s**, full body rub and intercourse. Should I share my thoughts with her or get erect the next time she sees me nude?

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  • When you are around with semi-hard-on, propose her to have shower together. Hopefully she will agree. If she is unshaven, propose to shave her p****. She will loose her inhibition, if any. After that she will join you leading to something more for you, like, kissing her, massaging her b**** and sucking her nipples, eating her p**** and intercourse.

  • Ask her since you have seen me naked let me see your pretty body and start by touching her t*** an then her p**** and i bet you get in her p**** real quick

  • On her way over. Wants to have s** all night. Very excited!

  • How was it? Did you c** inside of her?

  • Fabulous and yes. had full intercourse several times throughout the night.

  • What was it like putting your c*** inside her p****?

  • It felt very good and was more comfortable then our time together last weekend....

  • Here now. Getting into bed nude. It's gonna be a very intense night....

  • It worked we are still in the bed nude....

  • You and your mom?

  • Already have had s**.

  • My mom just texted me again and said she wants to have s** again...

  • Enjoy!

  • My mom just texted me and said she has been walking around nude for over an hour and can't wait to come over and be naked together.

  • Good she is allowing that,she will go further like my Mom. I was a only child and my Mom single. I started getting caught on purpose,after 5 times she uses her hand. After a week we were making Love.

  • Its nice when this happens between a mother and son. Just make sure you use birth control.

  • Just ask her to get naked with you ,since she sees you tell her she should let you see her

  • We have talked some more about this. She is open to joining me but not touching the first time.

  • She has agreed to join me. Looking forward to it!!

  • Good luck!

  • Thanks. I think she will enjoy how the air feels on her body. Hope she will be as comfortable nude as I am.

  • I hope something happens between you two

  • Thanks. We have been naked together all afternoon and now we are in bed...

  • Fantastic! Have a you made love to each other?

  • Yes. Very sensual.

  • Lovely, so pleased for you both. I have a sexual relationship with my mom and the first time we made love, we said it was like it was meant to happen. The s** was very exciting and intense. How was it for you?

  • The first few moments were little awkward, like two people having s** together for the first time. Once we got settled and knew what we both liked then it felt like we had been having s** together for years. Climax was intense and felt very good.

  • I bet you are so happy. It something very special and i feel i have a strong bond to my mom because of s**.

  • The texted yesterday saying how comfortable she felt during s**.

  • Thats nice that she is giving you reassurance. S** between a mother and son is good for both parties. You two can make love whenever you want. Try and make sure you use birth control.

  • Next time we will talk about that before having s**.

  • That's a good step in the right direction. Make sure you compliment her about her body. Don't rush things.

  • Start simply. Ask her to be just wear her bra and panties when she with you. Then tell her when she ready to go topless then naked.

    I did that with my Mom she was only 40. She would came to my apartment I would be nude i was 21 at the time. We would be talking on the sofa. That's went I suggested she just wear her bra and panties. She started to wear her a hoodie and sweats so she could strip when she got here.

    Then one day she stripped and only had on panties. Then the next week she was nude.

    We were sitting on the sofa really close and I bent forward and took her nipple in my mouth. She didn't stop me. We ended up going 69 on the sofa.

    Later that night we became lover.

    She has confessed to me that, Dad has not made love to her in 10 years, as he has a young mistress. And she had been fighting her desire for me since I was 16.

    It two years now. Last night she told me she pregnant. We never used protection.

    We want the baby. We are hopelessly in Love

  • Congratulation! It's great that you and your mom are enjoying each other. One problem though, isn't your dad going to wonder how your mom got pregnant? Considering your parents don't sleep together anymore.

  • Dad wanted an open marriage and is not around much , mom agreed but never did anything until we started. Dad has gotten 2 women pregnant.

  • At least your beautiful baby will have a family resemblance.

  • Only if he c*** inside of her.

  • I didn't have that problem my mom was single. I was with her until she passed,but we had a buitiful daughter Skyler she is 19 now,and we are together. We are going to have kids.

  • Thanks for the advice. Next time she is here while I'm nude I will ask her to join me. Maybe that leads to us touching each other and s**.

  • Don't rush the touching. Let her get use to being without clothes.

  • This is good advice. Once she is used to being naked try a cuddle or hug and then hopefully nature will take its course.

  • She must like seeing you naked so ask her to get naked with you tell her it is only air and when you get the chance give it ti her

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