I want tinyer panties

I am almost a teen and want skimpier undies. How do I tell my mom I don't want package fruit of the loom panties. I want string bikini and thongs like some of my friends have. Tired of just plain bikini. 11 in Oklahoma.



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  • The fact the you don't know how to talk to your mother about this is proof that you are not mature enough to wear "skimpier" panties. Give it another year and then maybe you'll mature a little more.


  • Anyone knows that. No 11 year old would post this crap. Yeah it some old pervert who feels lonely and in this case getting just what he needs.

  • A lot of people here either don't know that or don't care. You are giving them way too much credit. Need proof, take even just a quick look around

  • Just tell your mom your tired of same ole packaged underwear. They now even make cute underwear for little girls your age that aren't in packages.

  • Love littlegirl undies

  • Just save up money and you can purchase them,no age rewired. I get them for my 7 year old girl

  • Maybe if you tell her your friends are wearing them and you want to know what it feels like so you can share your experience with them she will understand.

  • Next time Victoria Secrets comes on as a TV commercial ask your mom if u can get some. Don’t start out asking for a G String but something lacy and pretty that doesn’t show much. Then work your way up to something more sexy. They have a lot of sexy panties that are not to revealing. I like a women in sexy panties. Good luck. And don’t mind all those a****** given u bad advice.

  • I would always change in restroom for mr Bradley, no panties!!

  • Tell her you want it so that you can arouse me

  • Just go commando

  • I have new thong, string bikini, real skimpy sexy stuff I would trade for your worn panties, love to be the one to remove your panties too and see that nice bald p****

  • Nothing wrong with that,prime age

  • That nice bald p**** is actually the small hairy junk of a mentally ill old man. You don't recognize a troll post when you see one, do you

  • No I am not a genius like you it must be wonderful to love yourself so much and brag how smart you are

  • Uh oh, triggered stupid person. Let's all say "AWWW" together so it feels like we care...

  • Another f****** genius

  • Another f****** ret@rd

  • Get someone else to buy them for you

  • My mom would still know I did that

  • Change into your panties when you go out.

  • Be straight and just ask, if she says no ask her why

  • I did, she said because she says so.

  • Because mom knows best. Wearing slutty clothes attracts the wrong guys. Hang with the wrong guys and you will end up being raped or pregnant, or even worse, dead. Listen to your mother, she knows what she's doing. She way more years of experience on this earth than you.

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