Forced gay s**. So confused.

I went on a business trip with my boss who is gay.

We finished the business but are flights home were not until Sunday.

On Friday night we went to a bar and had several drinks. Then felt very drunk, he brought me back to my room. I now think he gave me the date rape drug.

I was barely awake, and he stripped me, and started lubing up my ass with hand lotion.

His c*** was hard, I said No, I'm not gay. But couldn't move, then he entered me and f***** me for at least a 30 minutes.

The worst thing was I got hard, and came without him touching my c***.

He laughed and said, you're Gay, you came from being ass f***. Finally he came in me.

He forced me to drink something and I was still f***** up.

He f***** me twice more. I came again both times. Then he left my room.

I'm so confused, I came during force a***. Is he right, am I Gay?

On Friday after everyone left the office he pinned me to a desk, and forced f***** me again, it hurt but again I came.

WTF is wrong with me? Why do i c**.


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  • Hi must have one got was to f*** x

  • U gay asf

  • You now do have latent gay tendency. Be prepared beforehand and tell him that you want to f*** him. Get handy lube to join him next time and arouse him by sucking on his nips while stroking his c***. Allow him to do what he wants with you. Make a deal to f*** him first, he will agree. Lube his ass hole well, apply lube on your c*** liberally and have him dogie position. F*** him hard and fast as he is already experienced!!

  • ^He^ is soooooo right. Do exactly what he says. He knows how to seduce.

  • I agree with the person who said your making him rape you. You must stop that.

  • Do you give him ATM?

  • If he's coming on this strong you must be one seriously hot piece of ass!!!!!

  • You're lucky for sure. I wish I had a boss like yours!

  • Soooooooo sexy!! Please tell us more! Tell all!!!!!

  • Does he c** a lot? Does it taste like heaven?

  • Does he have good d***? Does he know how to use it good?

  • You aren't confused dear. Your just h**** for him.

  • He did not force you. You wanted that.

  • I agree with the post above^. He gave you what you wanted. You KNOW you wanted it.

  • No. It's the body's natural reaction.

  • ^totally^

  • Does he buy you nice things? Does he call you sweet names? Does he let you french his a***? Does he tell you "you're mine"?

  • Yes.

  • Well, then you need to stop worrying about whether or not one particular label fits you. It sounds like you found a really special guy, and you should do everything in your power to maintain and expand the relationship. Enjoy him and enjoy yourself!

  • You are being so cruel. Stop making him rape you! He is a loving man and he wants you in his life, and he wants to be inside your body. He deserves that, and you know it. Stop being such a little b**** and start giving up that ass! Beg him to stick it in your mouth, and down your throat. Give yourself to him and do as he tells you. Do everything he wants. Do it every day. Stop making him rape you! That is soooooo cruel. STOP MAKING HIM RAPE YOU!

  • I was a 22 year old bi man. My boss is completely gay, forced me to do a***, I needed the job to pay off student loans.

    So I didn't say anything, this is still going on daily after work in his office for the last year. I can't say I don't like it, be he is very very rough, and he f**** me for 20 minutes at a time and c*** in me. He never kisses me or is tender in any way during a***. I'm just a hole he f****.

    But he gives me $200 cash every Friday that is not part of my weekly pay. I need the money but I feel like a cheap w****.

    When he is not f****** me he is so nice, and takes me to dinner at least twice a week. Then he will kiss me, and even hold my hand in public.

    He makes me c** also from a***. I want more from him, than being his f*** toy.
    I think I love him.

  • I love your relationship here. You're fortunate that he knows you so well. He realizes that you have both the need for romance and the hunger for brutality. You need him to treat you like meat and then to alternately treat you like his girlfriend. He can see into your soul, and that's so rare. Do whatever it takes to stay with him. Eventually, you're going to need to have "the conversation" with him, and let him know that it's time to start getting serious about the relationship. If he's going to continue to consume the goods so frequently, he needs to start taking more of a role in your support. It's time for you to start getting the "Four Cs" of a proper sugar baby: car, condo, clothes and cash. You need that, and he needs to provide it. It's time. It's actually past time, since you've been a couple for over a year. He will know that you'll have more options than he does, and he won't want to lose you. Don't jeopardize things, but stake your claim.

  • Consider yourself lucky that this special man loves you enough to want to put it in you so often. soon, he'll be doing it to you so much you'll have no interest in women at all. in fact, you'll also have no interest in any other men either. he'll be the only one you want or need. this is good for you. act accordingly. f*** often.

  • You respond naturally, not because of your sexuality but because of your physiology. He's stimulating your prostate -- and your mind, as well -- and there's nothing wrong with your reaction. You couldn't NOT react, and he knows what he's doing. You have a skilled partner who knows his business and he's going to take you places you have never been. Don't resist. Enjoy the ride and enjoy the job. He's made this a part of your job description, and you should do everything you can to encourage his exploration of your body and you should always do everything you can to please him. He sounds like a wonderful partner, and you should do anything and everything he wants, no matter how foreign or perverse it may seem. This could turn into a serious relationship. You may not be gay, but you should act the part and keep this man HAPPY! And you should keep him away from other men, all to yourself. he will appreciate the jealousy. Become his b****.

  • Yes you are with a lot of fake stories like above

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