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My granddaughter is almost 6 and when her mum takes her to the beach she still acts as though she is a toddler and lets her run naked, I feel she is far to old for that am I just old fashioned?



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  • In the states kids up to the age of 10yr-old can be butt naked in public. Look it up.

  • I love seeing all the toddler p**** at the beach

  • True

  • 6 is hardly a toddler, but I agree, those young one are so perfect and pure

  • Really she’s only six. She doesn’t know if that’s wrong or right. It’s what happens in the home that allows her to do that. If mom walks around naked at home she thinks that’s normal.

  • How come grandpa pedo isn't using his screen name anymore? Did intelligent people hurt his feelings?

  • There isn't anything wrong with that, let the girl explore her body and let the public enjoy her body as well

  • You enjoy nkd 6 yr od girls?

  • Its ok at home with family but not on a public beach.

  • Is this legal in Great Britain? The Mum would be going to jail if this happened in the states.

  • Not reallyost don't know this but it's legal to let a child go naked on the beach until 12 yrs old in the states.

  • Should be naked 24/7 anyways until 14

  • And then only naked at bedtime, as she crawls under daddy's covers

  • And daddy f**** her

  • Daddy should ALWAYS f*** her at bedtime so she sleeps sound

  • Perv lol

  • But you love it! Sweet hairless p**** where ever you look

  • True!

  • I bet at least 90% of guys do they just won't admit it

  • Only adults get up tight about such things. Esp in western countries.

  • That’s really not good. With all those weirdos and pedos out there she is sending out the wrong message

  • We dped a 8 yeare old kid in public toilets on holiday both holes hard xx

  • Wish I was there to use her 3rd hole, love to see the video of that, was she a good f***?

  • Have some shame or h*** awaits you pedo

  • Awesome

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