A*** s**

Is it true that young ladies are having a*** s** so they won't lose their virginity? I also heard they walk around with butt plugs in them to help stretch them out. I like to know.

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  • So, every one of cheer lost their v-card but yeah they let get butt-hole don't let ur grl go into cheer !!!!

  • I've noticed this,on reddit gone wild subs,there's loads of women wearing plugs now!
    Looks cute!

  • Sometimes, just to get attention, when I get dressed to go to work, I'll put a baby rattle in me. It makes almost no sound when I walk, but getting up suddenly or moving quickly, I rattle. My boss has noticed it, but he can't figure out what it is. I love making him curious, and making him think about ME!!! :)

  • Earlier this year i started dating an older black guy too big to fit in me. so yeah i started wearing a plug to make me bigger. but i dont limit him to the back door. he go where he choose. i just dont want to lose him.

  • That’s great. Is it true once you go black you don’t do back. Lol. I have a thing for black women also.

  • Don't know, but my wife's p**** is stretched so that my average little d*** just slides right in since she's been f****** a black guy. Can hardly feel it and I'm pretty sure that she can't feel me.

  • Its totally true. once you get on that black meat, and once they have started f****** you like they f*** you, there's nothing that a white man can ever do for you. so going back to them is pointless. its important to a black man to wear your ass out so you don't get hungry for nothing else. ever. i used to only date and f*** white guys. now i occasionally date a white but i only f*** black. i really ONLY f*** black. thanks for asking.

  • Bulls-hit I'm a white man and have stole countless women of them, you clearly love the silly fantasy

  • ...laughable...........

  • I have no idea. But, there are a lot of whores these days who later in their life pretend to be a good women seeking for an honest and good husband. I married one such girl and when I found out that I was 7'th or 8'th in a row, I manipulated her, took away most of her money and divorced her. She was my first. True story. :D

  • Young girls have always walked that line, so it's not a new thing.

  • Having older sisters and hearing them talk I learned a lot to fast.
    In Jr High, did older men anally, and bj's, so no worry about pregnant or talk.

  • I wear a plug sometimes, but its not for stretching; its just for fun and its for 2 reasons. First, you get stimulation,and that's always great, but especially so when nobody knows it's happening. And second, when you let yourself get picked up by a guy in bar or somewheres its always amazing to see his reaction when he discovers it inside you and with the end sticking out your butt.thats when he realizes he's found himself a filthy f*** freak and his night is going to be better than he thought. Its always better when the guy who picks you up is married and his wife is too boring to wear a plug in public, and probably too boring to even give up the ass. As for us keeping our virginity nobody i know even cares anymore. i lost both my cherries in the same night before i even was a teenager. at some point virginity doesnt even matter. almost all girls feel that way..

  • Yes, butt plug helps stretching a*** passage and makes it easy f*** this hole.

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