Wearing panties makes me feel girlish

I'm 50 years old. I've been wearing panties since I was 8. I grow up in a very conservative, strict family. I knew at 8 years old that I was gay, but of course I had to hide it, wearing girls panties made me feel like I was living a little part of my gay life. Plus I really enjoyed wearing them a round my family and they never knew. I went to a Christian school and 3 times a week to church, I'm
A Christian and I love God. But every day i was at school and every time I went to church I was always wearing girls panties, and they always made me feel gay & girlish. I could always tell if a boy was gay even though no one else did. I would become friends with him, then have him stay all night. When we would get in my bed I would take my shorts off and then take his hand and have him feel my panties I was wearing. I was 9 years old,and this was back in the seventies. While my brother was a sleep across the room, this boy I brought home would play with me through my panties. It felt so good, and at 9 years old me and my best guy friend started enjoying gay s** together. I have worn panties my whole life, No one ever knew in my family that I was gay or that I was wearing womens panties. Till just recently. I finally came out openly gay to everyone, and I didn't stop there. I've let everyone know, that I wear womens panties. But only very sexy,
soft,silkypanties. I put pictures of me wearing only panties on my Facebook & Instagram accounts.so now not only does everyone in my small town know Im gay and that i wear womens panties, but they all have seen pictures of me wearing womens panties,
Now I have 2 female friends that I go pantie shopping with. I love going to a mall and spend all day there, shopping only for panties. I spend a round four thousand dollars a year on panties.i love shopping for them as much as I love wearing them.my name is Phillip Gessel and I love wearing women's panties.

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  • Love an 8 yr old to take my c*** in his wearing panties

  • Im a boy i wear panties all the time you can see mine whenever you want

  • I love wearing panties. Yes I feel like a real woman when I do. My wife pulls them down and then she whips my behind really good and hard with a leather belt. Oh boy I love to also wear her bras . I have bigger t*** than she does though. That makes her really mad.

  • Im a a boy you can see my cute panties i want ou to see them

  • Funny the stuff we knew as kids like not to talk about it. Strict parents. Religion and personal inner conflict.

    I liked girls tights and managed to get hold of a pair when I was about 8 or 9 and I would wear them under my long pants sometimes even in church thinking I wonder what God thought about this. I was not then and not now gay but you know I don't think God really worries about such stuff. I think God is a God of love and looking after others because that is what I got out of church and the bible. So even though I kinda knew that if people found out that I would be judged I figured that was because they did not read the love stuff in the bible.

  • Panties 24/7 for me

  • DAMN!Wish I knew you at 8 I love boys that wear panties and s** with you at that age would have been great

  • I'll strip to my panties and show you mine

  • I want you to see my panties

  • I want you to see minedo you want my email and ill show you illshow you whats under them

  • Do you want to see my pantiesim a boy ill show you mine

  • Do you want my email i want to show you my panties

  • Im a boy id love you to see my panties i want boys to see me in my panties other guys

  • You can see m pantiesim a boy

  • Im a boy ill show you mine ill be your pantie boy

  • I want you to see mine i wear really cute panties

  • Im a boy i wear panties you can see mine you can see mine whener you like i wear really cute girls panties id want you to see them

  • I wear panties and Im young

  • Do you want to see mine

  • Well I wear panties and am older and have more insurance

  • Me to I love the way they make me fill ,and want to suck a mans c*** while I am dressed.

  • You can see me in my panties

  • Im a boy you can see my panties

  • Love to have you in panties with my c*** in your mouth

  • You can see my panties i wear girls panties

  • You wish in your dreams you no d*** looser. I bet my d*** is way bigger than your little thing. Maybe you should be wearing the panties, lol.

  • I have been told you need a magnifying glass to see your d*** f*** head

  • (m54) Darling I would love it too. I would surprise you as I would be fully dressed En-femme, not only silk French knickers, but stockings and suspenders, a lovely sexy lacy bra, high heels and a full vintage silk and lace slip.
    I would give you a choice of me wearing a see-through sheer blouse and silky pleated skirt or a flounce flirty silk dress, both short to show off my long slender legs. I would caress you, stroke you and kiss you in preparation for the main event.

    Signed Silky Lingerie Lover

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