That's all...I hope.

My friend Melanie and I started dating guys who are members of a...Gang, One week in they tell us we either have to initiate us or break up according to "The leader", I asked what was involved and he said I had to be "Jumped in", Thinking he meant that I would have to physically fight the other girls I was scared right away but I agreed and so did Mel, That was not what they meant.
Mel and I were lead into a room, Made to strip to our underwear while 15 people watched, Guys and girls then our boyfriends had to watch as the rest of the group took turns sexually abusing us in front of them, They ripped off our underwear, Like literally ripped, Forced us onto the floor and each took turns on us, Guys, Girls, Everyone, They came on our faces, Slapped us, Choked us, Made us go down on each other and all the other girls.
After none of the guys could get it up again they made us bend over the side of the bed and f***** us with d***** until they could and then they went again, All night they abused us and even our boyfriends joined in, My boyfriend with Mel and Mel's boyfriend with me then in the end they let us wipe our faces but made us stay there naked and covered in come incase anyone else wanted more before the night was over, A few times one or another would try but eventually none could get it up and the girls were all done and they told us we could go shower...Together while 3 or 4 of them watched.
For 3 nights in a row they did stuff to us and made us do stuff while they watched and video taped it all to make sure we would be compliant or they would release the tapes but now they say we are in and will never have to do that again, the only one we have to submit to is the "Leader" if he wants, Anytime, Anywhere.

Jun 4, 2019

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  • You're lost. You'll outgrow those retards one of these days, and then you're going to feel like an idiot.

  • Gosh that hot. I wish I had been you.

  • Wish they would have submitted you to a Mandingo warrior

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