Brother loves a***

15 years ago, when I was 15 and my brother was 11, we began having a*** s**. He came to me one day and said he is gay and wants me to f*** him.

I said no, but he began to cry, saying he was afraid to ask any other boys. For days he kept asking and would sneak in my bed at night naked. I wake up hugging him, my hard c*** against his ass.
He said see you want my butt, that Friday night when mom when to sleep I gave in and we had a*** s**.

I was fantastic, he loved it. We started have a*** when ever we were alone. At 13 he came from a*** for the first time.

We now share an apartment. He walks around only in a t-shirt so I can just see his ass. I gets me super hard seeing him this way.

We have a*** several times a day. I have no interest in women, my brothers ass just feels to good.

His mouth also is better than any women I've been with, and he loves to swallow.

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  • No way I am saying no to a*** with an 11 yr old, be using that lovely mouth too

  • 20 years ago my brother started wearing girls clothes when he was 4. He wanted to be called Judy. We live in a progressive West Coast city. My parents had no problem with it but still made us share a bedroom.

    I was 14 and wanted privacy, but got none. Judy started to experiment with makeup by 5 and her hair was long and was a pretty girl. By her 6th birthday it got hard to be around her. I knew she was a biological boy but I started to think of her as female.

    Then she started getting in my bed at night, and I wake up with her playing with my c***.

    I tried to stop her,but the next night it happened again. She asked if l liked how she look. I said Yes, she was pretty. This went on for a month, then finally I let her finish and came on her. After that I started fingering her ass each night as she jerked me.

    This went on nightly until she was 14. Then ion night she asked her to make her a girl and we had s**. On that night we had a*** and I came in her. Soon after that she started hormone treatment and at 16 Judy had nice b****.

    To day we live together. And are lover and in love. Judy is still pre-OP, but c*** hand free when we have a***.

    We wish we could get married. She my perfect woman.

  • I would love one 6 yrs old in my bed wearing panties, trust me it wouldn't just be my finger going in her ass, soft, warm, tight body and sweet ass mmmmmmmm, wanking her c*** at the same time my d*** is in her

  • If you're happy, good for you!

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