I thought about his brother while we had s**.

When we have s** he ALWAYS has his eyes closed. ALWAYS.
I can only assume he is thinking of someone else.
This time he actually turned his head away from me and closed his eyes.
I would have just stopped but it had been 3 weeks since we were intimate.
It was selfish but I wanted to "get off".
So looking down at him lokking at the wall so I closed my eyes and thought about his younger brother.
It worked.
Now I feel weird being around him.
It was killing me....
I had to get it off my chest.

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  • Let him think of whatever he wants u think of what u want if ur satisfied fine if not go 4 young br

  • If the problem is that your already caught..make him think otherwise.
    Get his attention again.
    I know it probably sounds stupid..but if you have to, play a little hard to get. Make him work for it. Spice things up.
    It just might work.
    It's worth a shot, right?

  • Poster: If that were the case... I would end it.
    Its not that he isnt arroused. Foreplay goes very well. But when it gets to the penetration part its a different story so we end up just going to sleep.
    I dont get it. He was the one who chased me.
    I told him from the beginning that I am a very sexual person and he was fine with it. Before we moved in together we were "at it" all the time. For hours on end. But it seems like now that he feels he caught me, he does not have to try anymore.
    In every other aspect of our relationship things are wonderful. We are the best of friends, we have more things in common than not and we can talk about almost anything.
    He says he has never been into s** and that is has been an issue in past relationships too. Im thinking something traumatic may have happened to him such as sexually abused as a child but thats the one subject we are not allowed to talk about.

  • Unfortunately the commenter above me is probably right. So I say sleep with his little brother anyway. I don't think your boyfriend would care.


  • i close my eyes too, not to think about anyone else, but because eye contact is just too much, when someone is already inside me.

  • He thinks about his younger brother as well.

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