My parents and I stayed at my auntie Cindy's house and after I went to bed I head my parents doing it.
I could hear them in the next room and even though they were whispering I could hear it all, I heard mom giving head GAG!!!, Heard them going at it, Bed squeaking, and both moaning and groaning, I could hear dads b**** slapping against her and heard mom get off breathing heavy. then I heard mom say "No, Just finish", Dad said "Oh come on, It'll be quick", Mom said "Ugh, fine but hurry", I could hear some more noise and mom said "Ow, gentle for f*** sakes" and dad said "God Carol you're tight" GAAAAG!!!!! then he grunted and mom said "F****** gross you just came in my ass" and dad giggled then it went quiet and I heard the shower start.
Good lord you guys...REALLY?????

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  • Be honest you were turned on and that's why you posted it!

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