My parents and I stayed at my auntie Cindy's house and after I went to bed I head my parents doing it.
I could hear them in the next room and even though they were whispering I could hear it all, I heard mom giving head GAG!!!, Heard them going at it, Bed squeaking, and both moaning and groaning, I could hear dads b**** slapping against her and heard mom get off breathing heavy. then I heard mom say "No, Just finish", Dad said "Oh come on, It'll be quick", Mom said "Ugh, fine but hurry", I could hear some more noise and mom said "Ow, gentle for f*** sakes" and dad said "God Carol you're tight" GAAAAG!!!!! then he grunted and mom said "F****** gross you just came in my ass" and dad giggled then it went quiet and I heard the shower start.
Good lord you guys...REALLY?????

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  • For you to go to an confession post and share this only makes me believe that you secretly enjoyed listening to ur mother going deep down on ur daddy bang the wall slam a door let them know ur still awake otherwise shut up and enjoy and be jealous of ur mum because you know you can suck d*** so better πŸ‘πŸ’― shame her call her out instead show her πŸ‘ this will soon stop πŸ›‘

  • Be honest you were turned on and that's why you posted it!

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