I hate small b****

I hate small b****. I am turning 17 in November and I don't even fill an A cup breast size. Through the deepening pain I have experienced through this I have began to feel bad for others that have small b****, and to even hate small b****. My mother doesn't even fill an A cup either and the genes passed onto me. My best friend is 15 and she has D cup b******. Why can't I have something like that? I sometimes feel like I want to die, but in the end I don't. In the end it's always me saying that I will simply be living an extremely unsatisfactory life to be kind to those that I love, to act like I'm fine when I'm not. I'm extremely h**** and all of my friends know this. I am a lesbian, and I love t***. All of these people around me are born with them while I have to sit here and suffer? This is why I'm atheist. God doesn't exist. I have terrible hormonal acne from both my mom and dad that I have still not been able to get rid of, I have tried everything. I have fantasized about wearing clothes that show off my cleavage and I can feel pretty, but the only life I will live is the life that I will suffer in. Life is short, and you only live once. Why couldn't I be pretty in this life? I see other people with small b****** and I cry for them. I feel terrible for them. Some people are confident with their size, but I still cry for them. Why do people get to be born with b****** yet I have to paying 100,000+ to get b******. It's bullshit. I've tried everything to grow them, and nothing helped. I hate small b****.


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  • I actualy find big bo obs bad. its not beauty at all.
    big bo-obs are unatractive cause they have no shape and hanging or sagging.
    everything bigger then C cup starts to get problematic.

  • I am a guy . And i like small b**** even A cups. if the Girls has a nice body. is smart and friendly. And atheists are very sexy.
    But if you want somehow change b o o b-size try to research on Hormones. MAybe you need Estrogene or Testasteron (yes sometimes girls need it too even if its concidered male hormone)
    We have both hormones in both genders. Just the levels are diffrent.
    How ever you must find out how your levels are . There for you need to make blood tests.
    generaly find out what your body is lacking off, and what you maybe have to much. Cause its about balance.
    Also eat saturated fatty-acids (Butter or coconut oil for example)
    Reduce sweets ,sugar, sweet drinks,alkohol as much as possible.
    Eat proteins like fish,eggs, .... Drink water or milk.
    Sleep alot.
    You can take alot of calories if its Saturated fatty acids (butter) .
    And dont panic. dont think about it, try to not care.
    Cause i said before, if you rare smart+friendly and your body is nice in general ,you are good looking and atractive. and many guys agree on this.
    just care about health , education , and be friendly but selfconfident.

  • Sweetheart you are beautiful

  • You really don't realize that many men love small b******??? There are whole websites dedicated to flat chested women. I actually prefer nearly flat chested women over the ones with big b******....and I have had all kinds... I love the little bumps with nipples coming out. OMG.....I love small boobies!!

  • I love women with smaller firm breast, little waist and nice round butts.
    I have noticed women with smaller b**** and the thicker booties tend to distract us wearing sexy small panties that reveal those meaty cheeks

  • You may grow your b**** quite a bit within 6 months. Here is the tips: put a towel soaked in tolerably hot water on your b**** for 5-10 minutes, then dry them off. Then use olive oil to massage your b**** for 15-20 minutes. Mind that olive oil is full of Vit E and good for skin too. Draw you palm from underneath your b**** to up (not the other way around). Your lesbian friend do this to you as well. If possible do it twice a day and you get showers. After a couple of months you will have the desired result. Continue this therapy for 6 months. If you enjoy it, you may carry on as long as you wish, no harm! You may also massage your p**** with olive oil to achieve good texture of the lips!!

  • YES! this really works. In 2 months I am experiencing the change in my b*** size.

  • Don't get upset with your small b****. My wife now turning 48 has small b****. They are still firm with little sag. In her early 30s, she was 32, now 34C. I still enjoy her firmness and spend hours massaging them and tugging and sucking her nips. However, you may increase your b*** size through regularly massaging your b**** using olive oil for 20-25 mnts every day. Run your palm from below your b**** to up (not the other way round) ending with tugging your nips. Within six months you may see the desired result. Since you have lesbian friend, you may ask her to do this massage to your b****.

  • Many men enjoy small b******. Especially if there are prominent nipples

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