B****** and Lips

I like seeing women hold their b****, and play with them, while making ducklip faces, and smelling their upper lip. That s*** is a mad turn on. I wish I could find more videos and pics of stuff like this on the internet. A hot, sexy chick, playing with her b****, bouncing them up and down, smelling their upper lips and making duck faces. Why this is such a turn on to me is beyond my understanding.

Jun 13, 2019

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  • To each his own. Rare fetish but nothing to be ashamed of.
    I have a pantyhose/nylon fetish (most common fetish on the planet), transparent lingerie fetish (very common) and sanitary pad fetish (not so common). I don't like duck face at all. People have different tastes.

  • Beyond my understanding too. I hate duck face.

  • Also hate the newer version that needs proper naming, the twisted lip "like omggggg I'm so over everything but tell me I'm still cute" face

  • Lol!

  • Look on reddit, type reddit real ahegao and look at that sub😅 even worse than duck faces in my eyes lol

  • Lmao!!!! Way, way worse!!! Wtf? Who comes up with these? Lol!

  • Christ knows haha,and women say they want equal rights lmao

  • They want equal rights but they also want to use their bodies to get ahead and avoid doing real work.
    You're still a "pig" if you dare to play along with that, btw. It's only acceptable until someone says or does something THEY don't like, then it's suddenly all "sexism" and "trauma".
    I'm a woman who's been ignored by men and smugly dunked on by "sisters" for refusing to play this game, so fight me

  • Because your momma never breastfed you,and her hairy top lip tickled your b**** as a child.
    Now as an adult,deep down you yearn for her musty stank

  • Lol @ stank

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