Mother in-laws panties confession

I'm sitting in my mother in-laws room and she left her dirty clothes in her room and I'm in her room watching Monday night raw and I'm going to sniff her panties and then I'm going to taste her p**** off of them and then c** all in them I love her scent coming off them it has me hard as f*** rite now Im in love with her and my wife 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  • I love to sniff and lick my Mother in laws dirty panties while I w*** I have been doing it from the very first day I went around her house when my wife lived at home when she was young. She has a very musky smelling p**** but clean. She actually caught me about 10 years ago and made me carry on right in front of her. She could see that I was so embarrassed, she told me it was my punishment and if she ever catches me again she will tell my wife.
    She hasn't caught me again but she has caught me peeking up her skirts loads of times and even flashes me her gusset from time to time.
    While she was watching me she asked me how long had I done it and what where my favourite pair of hers. I was truthful with her and told her for many years and that a pair of pale blue satin knickers were my favourite.
    She lifted up her skirt and showed me the pair she was wearing Pink cotton. I bet you would love to sniff these wouldnt you. Yes I would I told her.
    With that she took them off and handed them to me and told me to go ahead and sniff them. I did and took a deep loud sniff and she called me a panty pervert. This is the only time this will happen she smirked. And pushed me down on my back and straddled my chest in a crouching position about six inches away from my nose. Imagine licking it while you suck on my gusset she said she then sat right down on my face and very quickly and noisily rubbed herself off to o***** using my nose and chin. After she orgasmed she stod up again and told me to shoot off into her panties.
    Unfurtunately it has never been repeated. But i still w*** over it.

  • I used to sniff and lick my mom's worn pantyhose and masturbated on her like crazy in in my teenage years and early 20's but not anymore.

  • Mate,own parents are just wrong

  • Me too,I'm a mil knicker sniffer here in the UK

  • Its the same fuckingg j*** p****** on us again n again with same BS stories

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