My mom catch me watching p***

Male now 22. When I was 13 years old I remember I was arriving home after school so h**** that I just wanted to go straight to the computer watch p*** and m********* me. We where living in a tiny home then, the computer was in the living room the entrance was separating it of our sofa. When you where using the pc the sofa was at your back.

I remember to pretend to watch cartoons using headphones and then making a tiny window at my left so I couldn't be catch watching p***. I realized now that when I was going to the pc my mom was spending more time in the sofa turning on the tv and watching the news. But what is more obvious for me now is that she was using a little mirror for makeup and "carrying on her face". That happened every time coming home after high school and she never say nothing neither me.

My thoughts then was making the possible she never catch me but now I realized she always knew but what I don't know is what was thinking about when she was watching me watching p***. I never got catch, or ... well there where never the uncomfortable talk.

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  • My girlfriends mom caught us f******. We came home from school and went to her bedroom. Normally her mom was at work until 4:30pm, so no worry of ever getting caught, until one day we went to her house as usual, but didn't know her mom had taken the day off. She wasn't home when we got there, so naturally we went to her room and started f******. Midfuck the door opened and there was her mom standing there. She was p***** and threatened to have me arrested for violating her daughter. Not sure on what grounds, we were both the same age. Anyway, she called the law, the law called my parents, we both got grounded, and a month later we were back f****** in her bedroom again.

  • So what my mom caught me fuckingg my GF

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