Fantastic s** with my 73 old wife!

I'm 41, and am married to a h**** oversexed c** s*** who is 71.

My wife Jill was my neighbor and baby sat me and later I would go to her house after school as my mom worked.

Starting the summer I turned 10, we started to swim nude in her pool. She was 41, and we started showering together that summer and lay in bed nude. Mom often worked a double shift and I would sleep with Jill over night.

Jill taught me to kiss and how to go down on her. She would c** like crazy. She was crazy risk taker she would take me to the movies and we sit in the back and have me play with her p**** under her dress. And be kissing me in the dark.

At a moment notice Jill would suck my little c***, it would pulse but I couldn't c** yet. I really frustrated her. And Jill often said, I wish you would c**, I want it so bad.

I asked her what c** was, she said it what comes out a boys d*** when he get really excited with a girl. C** is white, and a girl really loves you if she takes it in her mouth and swallows it.

Do you love me Jill? I asked. And she said Yes, I do your my boyfriend. And someday my husband.

We continued this for years. At 12, I came for the first time as she sucked me. I nearly passed out. Jill started kissing me like crazy I could taste my c** on her lips but I didn't care.

A week later she got me hard from oral and climbed on top of me and put my small c*** in her. Jill is not a big woman, and her p**** felt so good, but my d*** size didn't fill her. She rode me and I came in her in 3 minutes. But she kept riding me and played with her c*** until she came.

At 14 we would f*** several times a day. Then one day she sat me down and said. Honey, I we made a baby together, it in me. Jill was 46 when she had our daughter.

We f***** and suck during the time she was pregnant.

At 18 my mom caught us f****** in the pool. I said, I love Jill and the her baby is mine. Mom never spoke to me again.

Jill and I have a fantastic s** life f****** several times a day.

Her mouth is like a vacuum and she never seems to swallow enough c**.


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  • Similar circumstance here. S** with a woman in her seventies is great. In my case there are no silly obligations, just a bond of trust that is very strong. I also love her classy attitude of wearing stockings and silky undergarments. The lovemaking is slow, sexy and passionate, especially the 69 we love so much. There is a strong sensible side regarding the future too. She is my lover because I love her maturity and we are perfectly matched to meet each other's needs. She has my loyalty and love, despite our 29 year age gap.

  • Lucky guy

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