Sister in law b*******

My sister in law is 18, and a crack head.

I go to her mother's house every morning give her $30 a day and she blows me and swallows.

What a w****.



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  • It my mother in law who hooked on heroin.

    One morning she was really strung out and begged me for money to buy a fix. I said her, Here a $10, give me head. She started crying, but got on her knees opened my pants and sucked me off.

    She does it everyday now after her daughter leaves for work. Once in a while I give her more.

    I told her I'd give her $75 if she blows and swallows her dog while I watch. She said, your a d*** b******.

    The next morning she gave in and sucked off the dog. She nearly drown for the amount of c**.

    Next I want her to let the dog f*** her.

  • I have a friend who's hooked on heroin. Me and some other friends have been paying her to let one of our dogs f*** her. We've turned her into a total w****. Heroin's a h*** of a drug.

  • Let the dog f*** her from behind while she gives you bj! After that you may f*** her dog-c**-filled p****. For even $100, it will be worth.

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