Take that you a******

We have this neighbor who will call the cops at the drop of a hat. Plus he keeps parking and blocking my driveway. I knew I had to come up with something really good. I watched his daily routine for about two weeks. Every Friday he got off work early and was home by noon time. He would go inside and eat the take out food he bought on the way home. Then he would change clothes and come outside ,get his car wash bucket and then wash his precious 2018 BMW M5.

I thought what can I do to get him really good. Then it came to me. I could rig his hose to squirt DOT 3 brake fluid all over his precious baby. So I went to AutoZone and purchased a 1 gallon container of their store brand DOT 3 brake fluid. Then the morning of at around 9 am I went over to his hose reel. I pressed the lever on the spray nozzle to let some water out to make room for the brake fluid. Then I unhooked the hose at the faucet and using a funnel I poured in the DOT 3.

I was able to get in about one half of a gallon. Then I hooked the hose back up and made sure everything was wiped nice and dry so it didn't look suspicious to the a******. The water I let out into the side flower bed. All was set. I went inside and waited for him to come home. While he was inside eating his lunch I was working in my garage waiting to see what carnage would be unleashed on his precious black BMW. He came outside with a warm bucket of water. Then he turned on the hose. He commenced to rinsing the car. By the time he got to the hood the break fluid was squirting all over it and the front bumper and grill.

It was awesome the paint was f***** up on his baby. He didn't know what the h*** happened had happened. By the time he got the brake fluid off the paint was dulled in a random fashion all over the front of the car. It was great. He had to have the car repainted and they only covered the damaged areas. They did a terrible job and got overspray all over the car and then when they buffed it they put beautiful swirl marks all over his baby. I loved watching him anguish for hours and days and weeks over it. Then he sold it and bought a 2019 Mercedes S class.

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  • I would have used paint thinner.

  • That's awesome. We had a neighbor like him when I was growing up. The kids in the neighborhood shoved two potatoes up the tailpipes on his VW Beetle. It ran for a few minutes then died. He couldn't get it started again. We watched as the tow truck hauled his car away. That was on moving night. The mischief night before Halloween 1975. It was awesome. We also cut up his garden hose and soaped up his car windows. What an a******.

  • You made him buy a new car. Are you planning on f****** that one up also? Just want to know.

  • If he hasn't learned his lesson, then yes. Next question!

  • This should be baseline treatment for arrogant people. You know why they love their gated communities and huge SUVs so much? Because they're terrified of people reciprocating their own s***** attitudes, and they know they deserve it. Seriously, they're TERRIFIED. Arrogant people are some of the biggest chickenshits crawling on this planet.

  • So can we knock off with race and gender stuff already and finally focus on class, which is where racism and sexism sprout from anyway? Or is that not familiar or dramatic enough for you yahoos?

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