S** on the job

I have been having s** with the mail boy at our office. I could see trough his clothing that his p**** was a nice size. I tried to not think about it but I couldn't get him off my h**** mind. So I went down to his space to see if he could mail a package for me. He said sure no problem. Then I kissed him and we began to make out. The next thing I know he had me on his desk raising my dress up and I was unzipping his pants. I pulled his semi hard c*** out and we made love right there. We were lucky nobody caught us. His p**** felt so good inside of me. I have f***** him the past three days at work. Not sure where to take this now. I'm married so not really sure what I can do with him outside of work. My husband is so busy he forgets I have needs other than all the ones he provides like a grand home, swell car, and credit cards to buy my clothes and jewelry with. Anyway the s** is super. I guess I'll just enjoy what I can get when I can. Right now I don't care if the hubby f**** me again. That will change though. I am kind of fickle when it comes to men.

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  • Hello everyone. I wanted to give you all an update. I'm pregnant and we couldn't be more happy. Loving life to the max with the love of my life. I can't wait to find out the s** of our first child. Anyway life is grand and having the most fun you can have with and without clothes on. TTYL

  • We are having such a wonderful time right now. My lover knows how to treat a lady and make her feel good. I'm very happy now. My ex doesn't miss me cause he was already gone. I would encourage all who are in a bad or just a relationship that has run it's course to take the risk and go for it. I'm so glad that I did. I'm much more happy now. It shows in all aspects of my life. We are so in love with each other. Had my husband not taken me for granted we would probably still be together. All the warning signs were there he just chose not to see them. He is oblivious and now alone.

  • Don't take this so casually. This is a serious relationship, and you should treat it as such. Go after him and don't stop until he is yours, and you are his. GO!

  • Yeah your right. I told my husband that I'm having an affair and I'm leaving him. The s** I'm having with the mail guy is so hot. I feel so alive when I'm with him. I am going to get my own apartment or condo. Life is too short to be in a unhappy situation.

  • That is GREAT news! I'm so happy for you. It's wonderful to find a man who really WANTS you and will work to satisfy you. The affair may not last forever, on the other hand, it may. But either way, you'll enjoy the benefits of being with this man and having his c*** in you as much as you want it and need it. This is a really positive development. Best wishes and be well! And please......let us know how it goes.

  • It's going really well. I don't know what the h*** he's doing working in the mail room. He has a college degree. I'm encouraging him to find something more to his strengths. But we are doing just great. Planning and looking forward to taking a vacation together. Planning on seeing the Napa valley wine country. He is such a sexy hunk. He makes me glad to get out of bed everyday. My husband doesn't seem to care one bit that I left. He didn't need me nor did he acknowledge me for the most part. Took me for granted most of our time together. I'm so happy now. Life is good!

  • This is one of the most romantic threads that has ever appeared here. Thank you so much for sharing your life and your experience. Please keep us posted on your sexploits and on the progress of this wonderful relationship! I really do just love romance!

  • I feel the same as the lady right above me that loves romance. In fact, we have a very young intern working at our branch office this summer that has me going (best I can tell from the way his pants fit, I think he's super hung). I would never have done anything with him, and may still not do anything with him, but I've been reading here about your situation, and I am now looking for opportunities to hook up with him. Now, if I can just develop some bravery and go for it!

  • Hello. I'm glad that my post wasn't waisted or taken the wrong way. Life is too short for " What if's" so go for it. I'm enjoying myself so much and by a young man who is so in love with me. I was a little scared at first. But I'm glad I went for it. My husband doesn't miss me. His loss! He took me for granted and so he lost me to another man. One who appreciates me in all things. Not just s**. I hope you can find the courage . It will lead you on an amazing adventure.

  • Your crazy he's just a lowly mail boy. LOL Yes enjoy the s** and good f****** but that's it. Then dump this looser.

  • There's nothing lowly about him, if he makes her feel that good. She needs to hang on to the hookup.

  • I f***** my boss after a drunken night out. She is about 10yrs older than me and we had been flirting for a while. It's hard for us to keep at it. We have made a few business trips to spend the night away together but it's not often.

  • Sounds like both of you feel like the relationship is worth the complications. Keep at her!

  • We got a hotel during our lunch break, turns out I got her pregnant. Now debating what to do.

  • Well I guess that depends if she is married. If she is then the baby is considered the husband's legally and you do nothing. If not well that's a different story. Good luck.

  • There are several women at my work I would love to have s** with.

  • Then you should. What are you waiting for?

  • Not good. I was having relations with this woman at work. It turned out into a fatal attraction type deal. I couldn't get rid of her no mater what I tried. I was her boss. When I tried to break up with her she threatened to say I raped her and I had to stay with her. It ended up with me changing jobs. But she would come to my house and wait for me. I told my wife about our affair and my wife forgave me but it caused lots of problems. I spent many a night on the sofa. I have to admit the s** was pretty good though. I tell people don't sleep with people you work with. It can really end badly. It did for me.

  • You are both so lucky.

  • I agree with this completely. We find love where it appears, so please, please, please don't throw it away. Give yourself to this boy and let him ravage your body as he will. You may never get another d*** this big or powerful or beautiful or satisfying. Stay on for the entire ride, darling. Don't get off of him voluntarily and don't EVER let your pathetic husband get in your way.

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